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  1. moonkitty is also another great page! ;D
  2. I think there should be just one thread for SM:C discussion...? but then again this makes sense. I'm on episode 13 I believe. The final battle.
  3. Does anyone know and great SM pages to 'like' on Facebook? also feel free to add me! =D https://www.facebook.com/lance.notstefani
  4. Where is this scene from? I honestly don't remember it D:
  5. any confirmed characters for the series?
  6. Sailor Mars or Jupiter. They're have a lot of strength Mercury because she's very patient and smart Sailor Uranus because she gets what she wants but is far too impatient. Basically anyone could run 'be the leader' but there's a reason why Sailor Moon is the leader.
  7. Japanese version for sure. Its more explicit which is what I like.
  8. this has to be my favorite. I'm very obsessed with this song: I uploaded this video too. So if you can like/subscribe/comment it would mean a ton to me
  9. I'm in the middle of watching season 5 for the very first time and I'm aware that there are some SM movies. Would it be better for me to watch the movie(s) after season 5 or before?