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  1. But she didn't really defeat them did she? I mean yes they died, but it was because of them that the others could even get close.
  2. Powers to transform into a weapon with Lucy
  3. Chibi Masochist...not entirely wrong..
  4. Can I get the Beryl one and not be banned???
  5. The Pain/Naruto battle was freaking epic. Also Goku/anyone
  6. I would love to claim the title myself(because I did take part in two seasons) but I have to agree that Galaxia is the best. If we live with the impression that all scouts are good to begin with, then she must have turned the scouts under her. In the case of her "turning" Neptune and Uranus, she's an idiot. How did she not see that they would betray her??
  7. Who's the best Villan and why?
  8. chaosgenerator


    Actually, that's Sailor Venus doubling for Sailor Moon in order to protect her...
  9. I thought that was pretty well done..