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  1. Its weird and unnecessary! Why to they make them out to be lesbians, even with uranus and saturn, youcan clearly see they are lebrians but they don;'t act on it, why add something so pointless. And when rene clearly fancie darrien at that age - knowing it is her father - just doesn't go, its not funny, leave it out.
  2. New phone, clothes, horse stuff and to much junk food to mention lol Still waiting for sailor moon dvds to come out over here.
  3. My crazy clan.


    I have a tablet and a Cubot bobby Phone lol
  4. Were do I start LOL AS i always say - If they kept it as the original okay add a little bit of new stuff in but mainly updated the Animation this remake would have been a whole lot better. Hate it, really do - The music I can live with but i do like the orginal intro and its not as blasting long! *Rushed *Storylines are poor and short *The way the characters come across is boring *The main battles are crap *Overall it is very boring and very short. *This is no romantic mystical love going on between serena and darrien. *Legs are to long and faces to pointy. *There are no witty comments made of them as in "meat ball head" we need this humor! The only good thing about this. *Better quality Animation.
  5. To be honest about it.............I think they are all boring, none of them seem to have their original personalities, they all seem the same, there is no individually. Serena - Shes too sentimental, I like the silly side of her. Rae - Isn't as moody/Mouthy. Ami - Isn't as geeky. Nina - Is to up herself. Lila - Isn't the hard chick, love struck dope! Darrien - well hes just plain jane, boring as hell, nothing like the original!
  6. Absolutely boring - This compared to the original was just so bland, this is really getting worse as it goes along, they are jumping bits and rushing it to much. I say it again and I always will unless they pipe up and make this new remake better - They should have kept it the same as the original series just updated the graphics and maybe added a little more in. I just don't get why its been changed so much, WHY! why ruin something that was pretty darn good in the first place, blasting Darrien doesn't look like darrien should! Its just not the same with his mystical side and the love for her shows more in the original! The cliff hangers are getting on my witts, when your just about to see something good they throw that in, the episodes are so short.
  7. I watched a "fan" on youtube shes already brought the bluray version (not much different par the price!) so it must be out? I have downloaded what said the uncut version but putting up to the version from the TV it is exackly the same - so whoever put it on there got it wrong, its not the uncut version! grrr which people would label the downloads properly. I can't get hulahula over here only crunchyroll.
  8. Were can I find this? Is it available for downloading or watching online in the UK yet? Shame the names aren't the same I prefer Darien and Serena,.
  9. ahh i hate this, it should have been kept as one or the other, manga or anime (manga is the comic isn't it? im not sure, I just like the original best and i think it should have been kept the same but updated graphic etc, all seems rushed.
  10. Wouldn't buy either hahaha download!!! BUT I think the original is much better, every time i hear it i just sing along wherever i am, so much better then this but i do like the rockness in the new one.
  11. Really although the japanese is subtitled, you really don't know what they are truly saying, they could have just made anything up to get us english people to try and watch it. Only like the english because I don't like subs, its hard to concentrate on the program when your trying to read the subs, but i have watched all. I keep seeing people saying the english has been dubbed wrong - what they are saying isn't what they are supposed to say? And sorry but the japs are perverts from what I have seen throughout the program, I can see why they cut bits out.
  12. Were are these songs from (in english)? I can't tell if I have heard these before. Wish the english version of the new series was out.
  13. Nope hate them, absolutely stupid making them women one minute and men the next, what planet were they on when they wrote this into it!!!!