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  1. Hi welcome to the forums. Why do you dislike Chibi-usa? I like writing too.
  2. You did a good job I liked it, it was a bit long though. If I realized how long it really was I would have read it later.
  3. They are awesome I like the flowers with the inner senshi symbols on them.
  4. I found it to be creeper them I remember especially prince Diamond and Phantom but I still enjoyed the act a lot. It was more grownup in my eyes compared to the 90's one. I also liked the flashbacks as well I see what you mean when you said Pluto and King Endemean (not sure if spelled correctly) had a thing EliseAyumu.. Off topic sorry my speech pregame isn't working again so had to hand type all this. So be patient with me well typing for the next few days thanks. I will get my point across even if there are selling errors.
  5. No I only know of the one Zero pointed out oh wait I don't know if you are into the books? Because there is also a book club look up SM book club.but it's only a suggestion if you like to read.
  6. I do have to agree it is there is so much more information that one scene was funny when they found of who Chibi-usa was in. It took me a while to get used to the attacks of this new remake but I like them,
  7. This one is kind of short guys but hey has to be some of sometimes please let me know if you think it's too short I am open to feedback. Chapter 43 The Children “HELP he’s going to kill them.” Trena forgetting she has no locket head straight for her bedroom door forgetting what happened earlier when she got closer to the danger Demveus did not though he follows swiftly after her. “Princess so we meet again in this time.” Trena “What are you talking about? I don’t know you.” The little girl gets a good look at her mother and yells out “MIKYA IT’S MOMMY!” From behind the young boy before he can cover her mouth. Trena think she is about to hyperventilate “Okay, What did she just call me because I don’t have a sister and mother and father warned holding out on me?” Queen Serenity, Renie “We would never do such a thing Serenity darling.” At that point questions go through her head who is the father what year were they born and when did that happen? Mikya “Milleea you weren’t supposed to say that.” Milleea “Oh sorry.” The little girl sees her father and goes to say daddy trying to but the young boy covers her mouth fast enough this time. Demveus “You are ready have children?” Trena No! I’m only 13 right now so who ever is in their right mind knows that those aren’t my children and they are totally wrong they are totally wrong.” Queen Serenity Renie “That doesn’t mean a thing, but I know you are 13 and they are obviously do not, belong to this time. Also I was 16 when you were born.” Trena “Honestly mother that doesn’t help the situation .” Mikya “I’m 12.” Trena “That’s not helping the situation either.” Milleea “And I am seven.” She holds up seven fingers. Trena now runs away way as Mikya is saying “Told you, you should’ve stayed quiet and that I would do the talking before we got here.” Milleea “Sorry.” Demveus “I’ll go see if I can get her to come back, be right back.” Hendifa’s Kenderen’s descendents Quiveary Soul experiment 280 laughs “AHAHAH.” Demveus finds Trena in a darkroom crying “Those children say I’m their mother for some reason. I believe them I’m not sure quite why but I do. And I have no way of defending them Demveus. Demveus helps Trena off the ground looking into her eyes “I’ll help you Trena. I’ve helped you up to this point I’m not going to stop now… He pulls out a ring kneeling down on one knee… Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas or should I say Princess Serenity Asherrainium or Asherraira Ora Orrainium from the past would you marry me again?” Trina looks at the door thinking of the question she had just asked a short while ago in her mind, she thinks to herself this is just like last time kind of except I don’t remember having a boy that survived. She finally answers “Okay I think I had enough fun with you.” Demveus “What do you mean by fun?” Trena smiles “You don’t remember last time do you? She gives a small laugh... Hehee.” Demveus “Last time what happened last time?” Trena laughs harder “HeHeeHee, the Premarital Hard To Get Game we played you didn’t pick up on it this time and you do know I’m only the 13 right.” Demveus Yes I am aware that. I don’t care. There is a reason I am asking you now.” Trena “And what would that be?” Demveus “I’d rather not say right now it might make you sader then you were earlier.” Trena “Okay, I don’t quite fully understand but my answer is yes to your proposal.” Demveus “You’ll see I am not allowed to say anything more unfortunate he takes her hand I meant what I said earlier I will help you I’ve helped you up to this point I’m not going to stop now. He kisses her hand with the ring on it. Trena blushes and she still sorting through everything in her mind that have happened over the last little while. “Okay Demveus what should we do then?” Asks Trena. Demveus “Follow me.” Trena follows he takes her back to her room some of the roses have started glowing the brightest one the red rose he had not given her yet and it is the last rose to complete her collection. He takes the rose out of his pocket now remembering he has it when he touches it one pedal of each rose starts glowing once again the red rose the brightest causing a new locket to be created. The question comes to her mind she hasn’t fully grasped this situation still. So she asks it, “Do you know who gave me all these roses I know you gave me the red one but did I get any from anyone else or where they all from you? At least that’s what I gather with you giving me that one.” Demveus blushes not able to answer Trena is still have noticed the glowing roses she now looks around the room she had been concentrating on what she wanted to say and finally she had noticed the glowing.
  8. Chapter 42 Trena And Demveus Reunited Conversation And Fate Trena “And your parents let you go?” Demveus looks around knowing both his parents and grandparents have good ears he whispers just in case they are listening “No. I snuck away.” Trena remembers what her father would say and her mother sometimes you are forbidden to see him you know that everyone knows that, you will understand someday young Trena. I don’t understand you say, I thought I was supposed to make friends with everyone that what you told me. She was about two then back then she just wanted to make friends with him as she did when she was five. “We are forbidden to see each other Demveus she backs away… I’m glad to see you don’t get me wrong but all my parents have said over the last two years or so is I’m forbidden to see you.” Demveus “I realize that and will tell them as much as I am telling you right now I don’t care they have to deal with that fact whether they like it or not.” “What are you saying? I’m not sure I understand fully. Demveus “Can we go to your room I will explain more there and it will be easy I’ll have examples.” Trena looks at him questioningly thinking to herself what kind of examples what’s he thinking? I have a feeling I should know but I don’t for some reason memory block? “Okay I guess we can go.” Trena stays a few steps ahead of him not sure why when they make it to her chamber doors she thought she heard the children’s voices again. Or a baby cry? That had been happening for a few weeks now she thought she was coming down with something but now she’s not so sure she hults at turning the door knob she looks at Demveus did, did you hear that?” Demveus “I hear a lot of things it’s kind of annoying when you think of it in my point of view.” Trena “I didn’t ask you if it annoyed you I asked you if you heard it Mr. Moon God.” Demveus “Sometimes I tune things out sorry especially if someone’s learning a lesson and doesn’t like it very much.” Trena turns to him “You’re not being very helpful she proceeds to walk down the hallway. “Huh… Wait what do you think you heard?” Trena “You lost your chance to ask. As Trena gets closer to the danger unaware her body becomes drastically weak. Demveus catches her before she hits the floor “What on the moon caused that? Have you been eating properly?” “Yes and no. Why? It’s not like you care.” “How, how can you say… That?” Asks Demveus. Trena and for being weak she is quite anxiously saying her words “I’ll tell you how. You that your father break us up again.” Demveus “Both of these times I didn’t mean to do that my father doesn’t understand.” Trena “That’s poppycock Demveus.” Demveus looks surprised to hear that word come out of her mouth but he doesn’t have time to think about that he has to get her energy levels backup somehow he hasn’t quite figured out how yet but he could tell he had to think fast. He takes her back to her bedroom covering her with the blankets pacing around the room trying to think of his lessons when he can’t think straight he sits on the bed thinking to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers this is all my fault if I had stayed you wouldn’t, wouldn’t be in this state. Tayafay “I hate to say this my son but yes she would have.” “M-mom… What do I do?” Tayafay “The rose Demveus she needs… She sighs hhh… I can’t tell you everything you must discover for yourself.” Demveus looks at the roses around the room… “I don’t get it. What do roses have to do with this?” Tayafay “It will activate something.” Demveus puts the red rose in its spot a light pulsating glow fills the room forcing Trena to open her eyes then it stops. “Where am I what happened? Asks Trena. “Thank you mother.” Normally Tayafay would get mad at that sort of thing but she knew Demveus is now 16. “You’re welcome I must go now your father is probably looking for me I told him I’d help with something.” Trina “Why are you staring at me like that? The only other time you have looked at me like that in this life was in the waiting room. The question passes through her head she had asked her mother the very same question do you know who gave me the roses she didn’t know why she thought about that but she did. Demveus can’t find the words to say he looks around the room at all the roses and back at Trena, “You never acted so tongue-tied beforeDemveus or would it be appropriate to use the name Yoamy or Yomeetto?” Asks Trena. Demveus “Either or works.” Trena smiles getting up off the bed and walking to the window opening the curtains “The roses need light. Oh I helped you find your voice. Did I?” Demveus blushes I guess you could say that. Well what should I say?” Trena “I don’t know whatever you want I have nothing against you talking. Or have you forgotten that?” Demveus “No I have not forgotten that my lovely Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas or should I say Princess Serenity Asherrainium or Asherraira Ora Orrainium from the past. Trena smiles “You can do what you like.” She walks past kind of in a dancing motion. Then she remember she was mad at him and she hears her mother screaming or at least she thinks it’s her mother.
  9. Phoebe is EliseAyumu's LOL almost put something in the title that didn't belong Chapter 41 Mountain Training Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy this or not, but I did like my solitude in my other life while training but this is going beyond that. Then again that wasn’t exactly true when I trained anyways Asherrainium or Asherraira was always there and we had different names through the years and centuries. Demveus sighs realizing that won’t be the case this time and for a few years “You have to answer me one question father before we start.” Ramoawin “What question would that be Demveus?” Demveus “You died when you were my father Naimess so how did you become who you are now?” Ramoawin “Well, I was going to explain that when we were together with Trena later on in the years but if you must know I will tell you.” Demveus pays attention waiting for his father to answer “I was a Skyatanzeaan like you were at one point that I is I became the reincarnation of my mother Phoebe, as well as Phoebe and Ennove excuse me using your name father. Anyways I became their son. By seeing the light of the crystal my mother made like I said before I and the crystal were made at the same time I may not have said that in those exact words but that’s how it happened also it wasn’t in the normal way. Is thata enough explanation for you right now Demveus?” Demveus “I guess so.” Ramoawin “Now I must ask why are you so curious?” Demveus “Oh, no reason.” Ramoawin “Okay if we don’t get this out of the way now it will distract you so why did you ask me?” Demveus “Well it’s just as seen in my past life played out in my mind earlier today so I thought I’d ask.” Ramoawin “Oh I see, what scene would that be?” Demveus “When I was known as Yoamy or Yomeetto and when you were known as Naimess and you separated me and Asherrainium or Asherraira. Just like now! Ramoawin “Demveus Toro Tyapairis don’t you raise your voice at me that’s your first warning.” Demveus walks away he may have not been able to do that back then but he can now. General Ennove “Demveus.” Demveus continues walking until he gets far enough away from his father and grandfather then he screams “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can’t believe I’m having a repeat of not even the recent pasts.” His energy illuminates the sky Trena can see it from her bedroom window but she doesn’t know what it is she isn’t focused enough to know what it is. Something else catches her attention when that happens she hears “Trena sweetheart your mother needs you.” Trena “Okay father.” King Zipyikoe “Oh she’s out in the gardens.” Trena exits her chambers “Okay father... I will go right away, but I won’t run.” She walks swiftly to the gardens not wanting to keep her mother waiting. When Queen Serenity Renie hears Trena open the garden door she looks up from what she is doing, “Oh there you are Trena.” Trena “Yes mother what do you need?” Queen Serenity Renie“You’re getting older I just want to spend some quality time with you.” Trena “Okay I kinda have a question if I may ask it?” Queen Serenity Renie“Of course, you can you can ask me anything I will always listen Trena darling.” Trena smiles taking a breath “Okay well… I was just thinking and wondering... Do you know who gave me all my roses? I remember asking you one time when I was younger. Queen Serenity Renie “And I said the same thing I am going to say now no I don’t know but they must care about you a lot. My dear daughter. I do remember and I’m sure the person will reaffirm this when they show themselves you got a few every birthday or special occasion.” Trena thinks to herself I got them more often than you know apparently but I still don’t have more roses then you, “Okay I’m sure I’ll find out one day.” Back in the mountains Demveus comes back a little bit calmer sits down on the ground closing his eyes and meditates. Thinking to himself blocking his thoughts don’t talk to me I’m mad. Both retired General Ennove because they are back in the 300020 century and Ramoawin look at each other with a look that says maybe he’s ready to learn now. Do you want to start or shall I? Ramoawin gives his father the signal to go first. Retired General Ennove steps in front of Demveus attacking him then he says “Never take your eyes off your enemy even if it’s for one second prepare yourself this time...” Demveus frowns.... Use that anger to strengthen yourself instead of staying angry... Demveus.” Demveus gets to his feet still not looking happy he attacks his grandfather like he had many times before in their training in this life before it used to be King Anslam he would spar with. Retired General Ennove “You want to perform your duties to the best of your ability right?” Demveus nods “What are you getting at?” Retired General Ennove “One of your duties is to protect her remember.” Demveus looks even mader but he can’t deny that fact his grandfather is right. He thinks to himself blocking his thoughts yes I know that I knew that a long time ago just never came to the realization of it for a while. Two months pass and Ramoawin switches out with his father, “You are going to learn how to turn night into day, spring into summer, fall into winter and other things.... All Demveus can think is I want to be with Trena not doing this. It is midwinter when he thought that.... And if you’re grandmother Phoebe had come with us you would also be learning how do control the crystal more effectively but this was a male bonding trip. It wasn’t just for training purposes Demveus.” Retired General Ennove “So you should be happy about that at least we could make it straight training you know but we didn’t want to do that.” He stretches out on the ground looking up at the sky he doesn’t care if he gets wet from the snow he quite enjoys it. Ramoawin continues “You will also be learning how to control the rain the sun thunder and lightning and other weather elements besides the ones I just mentioned and mentioned before. Demveus “Am I allowed to say I am bored grandfather and I were doing training for two months straight and now this. Can’t we just relax for a bit?” Ramoawin “This isn’t the type of attitude I want to see from you Demveus.” Demveus “Well, I’m getting tired Moon Gods are allowed to do that.” Ramoawin sighs “Okay fine will take a break but I still have to do the usual stuff when it comes time.” Around mid spring of the second-year Trena turned 12 going on 13 Demveus had turned 15 going on 16 is training still had not stopped he was still unhappy but his father and grandfather didn’t let him dwell on it. Demveus, General Ennove and Ramoawin head back to the new rebuilt Moon Kingdom Crystalraindalteen, Demveus is has happy as he’s ever being in these last two years or so. Though he had managed to sneak off a couple times and send roses by the wind or bird to Trena. When he got caught a few times he was for a bit and to do that but it didn’t stop him he knew his feelings and he stood by them. When Trena found the roses she would put them with the other ones and wonder who sent me these they never come with a note she remembers what her mother had said no I don’t know but they must care about you a lot. My dear daughter. I do remember and I’m sure the person will reaffirm this when they show themselves you got a few every birthday or special occasion. She only has one spot remaining that is empty now. It’s the roses she would admire most for several years. Her favorite one right now is the Sailor Silver Moon Rose. Devis knocks on Princess Serenity Trena’s chamber doors “Princess Serenity... Trena turns to face Devis... You have a guest waiting for you in one of the waiting areas should I tell them you will be coming?” Princess Serenity Trena “Yes Devis that would be greatly appreciated thank you.” Devis bows and heads for the guests waiting room. When he reaches it he announces “Princess Serenity, (Trena) she said for me to tell you she will be coming sir Demveus.” Says Devis. “Thank you I will be waiting.” Demveus “You remind me so much of your past self sir Demveus.” Says Devis. Oh? Do I that’s not the only time I’ve heard that my doctor said it too.” I do miss being called Yoamy or Yomeetto.” “Well, I know I will call you that on occasions but I don’t want to confuse Princess Serenity, (Trena) I’m not sure if she remembers you by… oh wait she does… okay it settled I will call you that occasionally. Back in Trena’s chambers she is thinking to herself who could be waiting for me could they be one of the girls no I don’t think so they said they were going on a retreatand left me under guard of Devis. Mother’s orders. Although I feel like I’m being watched by someone else when it supposed to be Demveus. I feel like I know that person too I feel I met them once long ago not in my time but in the past. What did they say her name was again? Oh yes Phoebe. Trena heads down the long hallway there are many of those in the castle she turns a corner just as someone is about to bump into her she thinks nothing of it at this moment, but she could’ve sworn she saw two little children she blinks twice making sure she wasn’t seeing things she still thinks nothing of it therefore she continues walking. When she reaches the guest waiting room she finds the door open a crack she hears Devis say “I will go see what is keeping Princess Serenity,” (Trena.) Princess Serenity Trena “There will be no need for that Devis thank you though.” Devis bows “Very well Princess, I shall leave you then I will be standing guard though.” “You are somewhat overprotective who is in their that you act this way?” Asks Trena. “I feel it’s not my right to say I will tell you though it’s your right to find out by yourself.” Says Devis. Princess Serenity Trena says as she opens the door a bit wider honestly all I wanted was some answers.” Devis “Walk inside and you will get your answers.” Trena does as Devis suggested “I have never seen a room so dark are you doublecrossing me or something… Devis “No why would I do that Princess Serenity, (Trena) I am your loyal servant and guard.” Princess Serenity Trena I am just making sure. So why is the room so dark then?” “You will see Princess Serenity, (Trena) Devis closes the door standing guard. Trena thinks to herself a room that is dark with a guest waiting for me why? This is confusing. Demveus faces the window “You think it to be strange you didn’t look outside as you were coming did you? Day turned into night. Trena now looks out the window one of them anyway she’s not sure if her ears are hearing things she thinks to herself had it been, about two years or just over? No she couldn’t be hearing him and the ventriloquist is still sick but she got humor out of him most days when he isn’t sick. Trena walks further into the room being careful not to fall she is very leery of the dark. Especially when it includes thunder and lightning but luckily there is none. She searches around for lightswitch and she finally says “This is not fair.” Demveus laughs slightly “AHAHAHA you are funny sometimes.” He switches the lights on justice Trena reaches a chair is about to stumble over it. Not looking up and catching himself she asks “Who do you think you are laughing at me? May I remind you I I'm a Princess.” Demveus puts a hand over his mouth but he still laughs a little saying “AHAHAH. Look up and you’ll know who it is. Honestly I don’t mean to laugh but sometimes I just remember the past and when stuff like that happened.” Trena “Nobody knows the past unless they're a… That’s impossible they're all away on a trip well except for the women. Don’t ask me how I know that. She now notices the dirt on her dress because of being out in the garden with her mother earlier that day she proceeds to wipe it off. She seemed so distracted Demveus walks over to her. “Don’t worry about your dress you can fix it later I don’t mind.” Trena looks up now, “Demveus…. Excitement in her tone… When did you get back?” Demveus “About two hours ago maybe.”
  10. It's about to get complicated shortly.
  11. Phoebe is not mine she belongs to EliseAyumu Chapter 40 Leaving For The Mountains “YEAH!” Says Trena excitedly as she grabs Demveus’s arm practically pulling him out of the Doctor’s office and out of the Skyatanzeaan infirmary. Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit and Dr. Samico both chuckle “HEHE.” “It’s not funny.” Says Demveus. Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Oh really it reminds me of what you two were like centuries ago.” Trena halts where she can’t go anymore “I can’t fly yet.” Demveus I have a question how exactly did you get up here I’ve been trying to figure that one out?” Trena “I don’t know this man who said his name was Quiveary Soul experiment 280. I think he brought me up here to Skyattannzea.” Demveus “I see. And where is he now?” Trena “Well… as far as I know he is tied up and somewhat immobilized, but I don’t know how long that will last for.” Demveus “Oh…” Elsewhere in Skyattannzea Quiveary Soul experiment 280 finally escapes his imprisonment being tied up with his own rope and other things on top of that, “Finally I escaped now to find Princess Serenity Trena Tellaya Sysyoas.” “Come on, come on let’s go. Demveus.” SaysTrena. “Okay we’ll go.” Says Demveus. Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers how are we going to get back I know I said we were going back but how? Trena pulls on Demveus’s arm “You said we would go and I can’t fly.” “Ah… Right sorry.” Says Demveus as he takes Trena into his arms and flies them down to the ground on the past moon’s surface. Trena separates herself from him but not before thinking that felt normal why? I thought it would feel awkward. “Thank you Demveus she curtsies remembering Princesses have to be polite. Demveus bows “It was my pleasure….” He kisses her hand Trena after a few seconds takes her hand back, running away again but this time out of embarrassment. Hey where are you going?” “Ah I don’t know.” Says Trena. “Well wait for me I’m not letting you out of my site this time. Says Demveus. “Well then you have to catch me because I’m leaving this place I want to go home back to the now 300020 century and you said you would take me there.” Says Trena. “Yes I did didn’t I.” He looks at Trena with a look of caring. Trena looks at him “Is something wrong?” “Huh AH no why?” Asks Demveus. Trena laughs “Hehee… because you’re staring at me funny that’s why?’ “Oh sorry says Demveus. They make it off the past moon and back to the Earth when Demveus’s grandfather sees them “Oh good she’s all right I knew you would be… Then he sees another figure following them…. Behind you Demveus.” Demveus turns to face Quiveary Soul experiment 280. Trena just about flips out “I thought I took care of you?! “Maybe for a little while you did, but there is one thing that people learn very quickly you can’t keep me down for long.” Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280.” Trena ducks behind Demveus not wanting to remember what happened but it did make her stronger she really doesn’t like Quiveary Soul experiment 280. “I only came to bring this back.” Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280 He holds up her communicator. “Yeah right you probably bugged it or something…” Says Trena as she grabs the communicator… Shaya have this checked out I don’t trust him.” Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts Trena not trusting someone that is rare. “What did you do?” Shaya “Yes Princess Serenity,” (Trena.) “What’s that matter? Asks Quiveary Soul experiment 280. “Thank you Shaya.” Says Trena. Demveus It Does Matter to Me… he draws his double edged swords… I don’t like to use these but I will if I have to now answer my question.” “You’re welcome Princess Serenity...” (Trena) she checks Trena’s communicator for anything suspicious... There’s nothing suspicious that I can see right now. I don’t have the computer at my paws though to do a thorough check.” Says Shaya. Quiveary Soul experiment 280 “No the Princess knows what I want don’t you?” “I already said to you I won’t do that and I won’t give you that either. If you think I’m going to in your dreams.” Says Trena sternly and she frowns at both Shaya’s findings and Quiveary Soul experiment 280’s comment. “Very well have it your way I will be seeing your children in the future. My people will get what they want.” Princess Serenity, Trena or should I say Queen Serenity, Trena Says Quiveary Soul experiment 280. “I’m 11 going on 12 what are you talking about?! You don’t have to be so rude I’ve already told you don’t call me by the name my parents gave me. ” Says Trena. He doesn’t answer the question he just leaves, A month later Demveus, Trena, General Ennove, Sobea, Rono, Shaya and Scarlett all returned to the 300020 century. Trena curtsies to her mother Queen Serenity Renie and King Zipyikoe along with Scarlett, Shaya and Sobea. As well General Ennove, Demveus and Ronno bow respectfully. Queen Serenity, (Renie) “Thank you to you all for protecting our daughter through the time you were in the past we both appreciate it. King Zipyikoe “Yes and special thanks to you Demveus for protecting our daughter even when you didn’t know you were protecting her your father told us the day we were freed.” Demveus “I was just doing what I thought was right.” He didn’t tell them the other part to that. King Zipyikoe “There’s another part to that isn’t their?” “What makes you ask that your Majesty?” “I can tell that’s why. You know the rules.” Says King Zipyikoe. Ramoawin “Demveus...” Demveus turns to face his father… we meaning me, you and your grandfather are starting serious training we’re going to the mountains for a year or more depending on how your training goes.” Demveus “The Mountains . A year or more why?” Ramoawin “So you can focus rather than being distracted. Your grandfather told me what you said about tuning me out. Does that sound familiar?” Demveus says “Yes father.” Ramoawin Good I suggest you hand your jurisdiction duties to your grandmother, she will deal with any issues while we’re gone. I also suggest you say goodbye to friends you have five minutes.” Demveus looks at Trena, his little sister Sobea, Rono, Shaya and Scarlett “Goodbye everyone I will be back I just don’t know when.” His sister Sobea runs over and hugs him knowing she won’t see him for a while. Rono “It was awesome hanging out with you in the past for the amount of time we did.” Demveus nods, “Thank you for helping us when we needed it.” Says Shaya. “You’re welcome.” Says Demveus... Scarlett “I’m glad I could help you with your mission Demveus I hope you come back stronger and have learned many lessons.” Trena doesn’t say a word but she knows this is happening because of her in some way or another and Demveus can’t find the words to say either. Before anyone can stop Trena, Trena runs to her room the rose scented room calms her nerves. Demveus goes to follow Trena but he gets stopped by his father’s voice “Demveus I said five minutes it’s been five minutes. We have to go.” Demveus faces his father nodding solemnly, “But…” Ramoawin “But nothing Demveus Toro Tyapairis . Now let’s go. Don’t make me have to take away your powers until we leave the kingdom. Demveus sighs following his father when they get back to his house he hands his powers over to his grandmother Phebe she looks at her son Ramoawin, “You really are going through with this? Very well I will watch over Princess Serenity,” (Trena.) Says Phoebe. Ramoawin “Thank you mother... He turns to Demveus we’re leaving in an hour so I suggest you quickly pack.” Demveus shows no emotions and does what he is told. General Ennove walks to Demveus’s room “I did it for your own good you need to listen to your father I would have never let him act the way you are, but I do realize your situation is a lot like mine and your grandmother’s. In that way I understand but I still stand by what I said before that.” Demveus “Yes grandfather.” This situation reminded Demveus of one of his past life situations when he was known as Yoamy or Yomeetto when his father Naimess separated him and Asherrainium or Asherraira. But he couldn’t be the same person could he? No that’s impossible his father back then died but if it is him he’s going to have to explain some things. Demveus comes out fully packed although he doesn’t know how long this mountain excursion will be exactly and he doesn’t have enough clothes for year’s worth of traveling even though he is a Moon God he still tries to look common so he doesn’t get asked 1 million questions. He doesn’t say a word he just exits the house followed by his grandfather and father. Sobea “Personally I think he’s mad.” Tayafay “That’s enough Sobea your brother has a lesson to learn and he will. Do you want to learn one too? ... Sobea sits and be’s quiet not wanting to upset her mother... That’s what I thought. You will be helping your grandmother on top of what you already do it’s about time you learned to do other things that pertain to Goddess duties.” Sobea“Yes mother.” Tayafay frowns “Your brother doesn’t even call me that yet, and he is 14 so don’t you start am I understood Sobea Leeama Tyapairis? You are 12 in human years.” Sobea gulps “Yes mom.” Tayafay “Good now go.” Sobea follows her grandmother Phebe out of the house. As Demveus, General Ennove and Ramoawin leave Crystalraindalteen and the Moon Kingdom Demveus looks back.
  12. I never thought Phoebe would act like that either and I thank it's because of what happened last time she used the crystal with Trena.
  13. note to readers because the story takes place in the future that's why the title is called what is called also Phoebe is EiiseAyumu 's and Serena (Usagi) and Chibi-usa (Rini) is Naoko Takeuchi's. Chapter 39 Returning To Old Stomping Grounds Demveus makes it to Skyattannzea within several minutes of leaving the Earth he can fly pretty fast these days with and without wings he has the leisure of choosing at least in this life. He searches in several spots the crystal had grown very weak at this point. So he was having trouble finding it and Trena, but with his determination he has he will not stop. He searches high and low and in every place he can think of, until he comes across the Skyatanzeaan infirmary. He approaches the door slowly having a fear whatever is in their holes bad news or at least sad news at this point when he enters he sees Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit and Dr. Samico seens start playing in his head at the site of Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit. Several family births different lives and other family issues dealing with health and his gaze slowly falls upon Trena, “What happened?” Dr. Samico “I am the one that took her in at this point we don’t know what happened she has not become conscious we only know she was found by two people and that she is Princess Serenity, (Trena) Tellaya Sysyoas. One of the descendents of Princess Serenity, Serena (Usagi’s) daughter’s Chibi-usa or (Rini’s) daughter’s descendents.” Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers she is only 11 I am going to be in so much trouble mother, father, grandfather and grandmother are going to scold me for sure. He can just hear their voices now “Demveus you let her out of your sight you’er are not supposed to do that.” Those were his mother Tayafay’s words. His father Ramoawin’s words “Were you listening to me at all?” His grandfather General Ennove’s words “Well it’s a lesson learned.” His grandmother Phebe’s words “A very hard one at that.” “Okay I get it I made a big mistake letting her out of my site and yes I can hear you even though you’re not around we have that connection.” Says Demveus. He walks over to her bedside remembering the last time he was in here like this that had to do with the (Sky-yaka- zeen) Skyyakazeen poison situation she had, not the one he had. Dr. Samico “Excuse me but who exactly are you? Do you know her?” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit memories come back “Of course he knows her he was Yoamy or Yomeetto Samico my patient you asked me about.” Dr. Samico looks back and forth between Demveus and his great great grandfather who says he is older than Samico knows that he is, “But that was centuries ago maybe even longer how is that possible?” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “There is such thing as reincarnation or rebirth Samico. That’s one prime example.” Dr. Samico “Oh right.” “Can you leave us alone please?” Asks Demveus. Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit ushers Dr. Samico out the door with him following up behind him. Demveus “I realize your situation is my fault but I ask you once again come back to me you already know what will become of our future if I do not help you and you do not help me.…He says once again… Boom Healing Princess Serenity… and because they are alone… Trena Tellaya Sysyoas please come back to me.” He uses his ability to bring someone back to life but because she was holding on it was a lot easier than normal she opens her eyes several minutes after “Where was I, I wasn’t on Earth or the Moon but I saw your father Ramoawin Demveus.” “Wow it worked I wasn’t sure if it would work anymore. I’m getting stronger again.” Says Demveus. Trena smiles “Yes you are but I don’t remember that attack?” “I used it one time when you weren’t around.” Says Demveus. “Oh on who?” Asks Trena. “I’d rather not say right now I just rather get you home.” Says Demveus Trena’s eyes sparkle “Really?” Demveus laughs happy to see her happy “HAHAHAH Yes, really.” Trena looks at the crystal and key “Okay but how are we going to do it? The crystal has no more energy I know that’s not the key to getting back to the future but we need it. It lasted six years power wise it needs to be back in my mother’s possession. I feel I’m getting too old to call her mommy anymore I am almost 12.” Demveus looks at the crystal thinking to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers this never would have happened if I was around the years I wasn’t around but I never did stop looking for her. “What are you thinking Demveus?” Asks Trena. “Hmm… Oh nothing.” Says Demveus. “I won’t accept that answer I know you’re thinking about something tell me what it is.” Says Trena. “Okay I was thinking about how I wasn’t around for the last couple years.” Says Demveus with disappointment in his voice. “You were around otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to transform and defend myself I know that for sure that is what I used most. So don’t be so hard on yourself you helped even though you don’t know it. Well I guess you know now HAHA .” She gives a small spout of laughter. “Are you ready to go everybody is waiting?” Asks Demveus.
  14. Yeah I wasn't kind of expecting that but he did I like it too.
  15. I forgot about the Godzilla part that was cool but a kinda creeped me out a little too, but I also agree it was awesome.
  16. Serena (Usagi) and Chibi-usa (Rini) is not mine those characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi Chapter 38 Retrieving Trena “There she is I swear the Princess who went missing… the people pick her up… We have to tell someone and fast her body is so cold.” They take her to the nearest hospital Dr. Samico one of the descendents of Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit who is retired he was the doctor of the Bram-bowlish family. He sometimes comes in when he is needed. Where did you find her?” Asks Dr. Samico. Lying in some bushes she looked very tired and sore as they are saying this Dr. Samico is looking through his records “Is there any identification?” “We didn’t look we just brought her as quickly as possible. “Right then….” He turns in his chair … and which Princess is she?” “We are not sure. All we know is we found her because of pictures on the news and in the newspaper.” Dr. Samico “I see…he picks up a newspaper… here it is Princess Serenity, (Trena) Tellaya Sysyoas. She is a descendent of a patient Henchory used to care for I believe his name was Yoamy or Yomeetto if that’s the case my father should have the old records somewhere in here. He searches around for several minutes when he can’t find them he phones Henchory, Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit picks up the phone “Hello, Samico what’s the matter I only get calls from you when something happens from this number anyway.” Dr. Samico “I think I have a descendent of one of your old patients and I can’t find his records to be sure.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit walks over to a filing cabinet what was his name? All records don’t stay in the office I have a personal filing cabinet Samico.” Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Ah… I found it good thing I kept the family tree too. Which one of his daughters does she look like if you don’t know please take a blood sample.” Dr. Samico “You really think that is necessary and she looks like our kind of similar to maybe okay I don’t know.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Well then yes a blood sample is very necessary Samico.” Dr. Samico “Very well but she is…Humm… Not doing too well… He prepares the needle when he inserts it Trena winces but doesn’t open her eyes Dr. Samico has a blood sample sent off … I should have the results very soon the staff are diligent.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Yes I remember Samico let me know what the results are and I will tell you if they are a match. Either that or I can come in and look over them myself. Whichever you prefer.” Dr. Samico “You can come in if you want but I can also tell you if you want it’s up to you. You are retired you know Great-great-grandfather quite honestly I am happy you are still alive for situations like this. You have lived a long time.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Yes I know I am older than you know Samico. I think I will come in just so you can concentrate on what you have to do and not be talking to me at the same time face-to-face for that is much easier.” Dr. Samico “Okay, see you when you come… He hangs up the phone he turns his attention back to Trena and the people who had brought her in… Thank you for bringing her in we will deal with the situation as quickly as possible you may wait to see how things turn out if you like.” “We think we will thank you Docter.” Five minutes pass and Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit enters the doctor’s office after knocking Dr. Samico here’s the knock “Come in.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit he walks in “Did you get the results?” Dr. Samico “Yes I did… Dr. Samico hands Henchory the results... which one of his daughter’s descendents is she?” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “She is one of Princess Serenity, Serena (Usagi’s) daughter’s Chibi-usa or (Rini’s) daughter’s descendents.” Dr. Samico “Ah… I see… How did she end up in that state I wonder?” He looks at her chart “Blood type O… he looks up from the chart and sees the crystal sitting inside of her locket… We need to get her help right away I’m surprised she’s held on this long.” Dr. Samico “Right but what’s wrong?” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit points at the crystal this is taking her energy something must be helping her stay alive because in the state she should be dead.” Dr. Samico “Oh I see and I understand now.” Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit takes the crystal and the locket off of Trena hoping that will help somewhat to revitalize her energy I will give it back when I see fit mostly when she’s conscious again because it is not right to take something from a Royal.” The color slowly returns to Trena’s face the crystal is pretty much dead right now. But it has been revitalized before so there is nothing to say it can’t happen again. Back to Demveus and his grandfather General Ennove the position of the crystal has changed I am tracking it grandfather but it is not on Trena anymore oops I mean Princess serenity, (Trena) sorry grandfather.” General Ennove “Where is it then if you’re tracking it?” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Says Demveus. “Oh try me.” Says General Ennove. “Okay up in the Kingdom of Skyattannzea grandfather she’s not even on Earth anymore.” Says Demveus. “How did she get up there?” “I don’t know but I have to get there somehow I can tell something is wrong.” Says Demveus. “Do you remember how to do that? Asks General Ennove. “No.”Says Demveus. “Weren’t you paying any attention to what your father said? Asks General Ennove. “Um… kind of but when it’s boring lectures I will tune him out.” Says Demveus “Demveus Toro Tyapairis you don’t tune out your father am I understood.” Says General Ennove seriously and sternly. “Yes grandfather sorry grandfather.” Demveus sighs. “It’s okay just don’t do that again your father Ramoawin wouldn’t like it if he found out would he?” Says General Ennove. “I’ll try not to grandfather.” Says Demveus. “Good because if I hear anything of that sort again, you will be disciplined and not just by me. Now I can’t fly so you have to go by yourself. Please try to remember what your father said if you don’t you’ll find yourself in danger.” Says General Ennove. Demveus “I will don’t worry I’ll be back.”
  17. I'm glad you found it funny I kind of did too I think he's going through stages of growing through the story or as some people say in real life the word I'm looking for maturing I'm not sure if that's the right word but it is one.
  18. I put it as mommy because I don’t feel her calling her mom is right I’m used to making my character say mother although I have made some of them say the Japanese way I could do that. Crystal Tokyo is not mine that idea came from Naoko Takeuchi, Phoebe is EliseAyumu‘s Chapter 37 Around The World In Four Years They all say “We almost lost you T.T or Serenity the ones who called her that and know her name left it out, out of respect. “I almost died? That would have screwd with the future although I don’t exist in this time yet. I kind of want to go home you said we could go when I found everyone and got Demveus’s memories back. I love you guys and all but I miss my home and want to go home and I’m sure everyone is worried about me now if things are back to normal.” Asks and says Trena as she now looks down at the ground she is laying on. General Ennove “Your right I did say that but there’s one issue with that we need to find out if things are back to normal if they are not I am afraid we can’t go back.” “But mommy and daddy and the others sent me this letter so everything must be back to normal it just has to be.” Says Trena. “Yes but it could also be alluring tool that’s why we have to investigate and find a way of finding out. Do you understand Princess Serenity, (Trena)?” Asks General Ennove. Trena nods and looks sad getting off the ground and out of Demveus’s arms she had learned the Earth fairly well with being there three years she runs away. “That girl and her running I really hope everything is back to normal in the future so that we don’t have to worry about her getting into too much danger.” Says Shaya. “For our sakes and hers I hope so too. Says Demveus sighing he gets off the ground and proceeds to follow her. “Demveus...” He turns at the sound of his grandfather’s voice as his grandfather tosses something at him ...you will need that or I should say those... Demveus draws the two double edged swords out of there sheaths... Something tells me the danger is not through yet.” “Thank you grandfather I will not let our future fall to ruins.” Says Demveus. “I know you won’t you never have on purpose but nobody tries.” Says General Ennove. “I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or not he sheaths the swords again and runs as fast as he can to catch up with Trena. Trena runs as fast as she can or as fast as her seven-year-old legs will let her “I want to go home soon this isn’t fair. Nobody believes this letter is truly from my mommy and daddy, they think it’s a trap but I don’t know by whom because Zimia hasn’t shown up for a long time and the ones who were her servants have switched sides although she could have more I don’t know.” Demveus thinks to himself where could she have gone? She couldn’t have gone far she just became conscious but then again when people have drive, you never know what they can do. He searches around in every place he thinks she might be but every place he looks she’s not there that frustrates him a little bit but he won’t give up. By the time night falls he has recruited everybody else there is panic in his voice as he says “I can’t find her anywhere in Crystal Tokyo.” “We’ve had no luck either.” Says everyone. Trena finds herself in a strange place she does not know how she got their. Nor who the man is that stands before her “How did I get here who are you and what do you want? I have people looking for me you know.” She thinks to herself I hope her thoughts automatically go to her parents and Demveus. She knew the others would follow too they wouldn’t let her mother get into any danger by herself. “I know your parents will pay a high price to get you back Princess Serenity or should I say Trena.” “You’re not allowed to call me that only my friends and family are allowed to call me that! So who are you? Says and asks Trena. “Let’s just say a friend of your mother and father.” Says the man. “I’ve had people tell me that before I don’t believe you.” SaysTrena. “Oh you are a smart one my name is Quiveary Soul experiment 280.” “If you were really a friend of my parents I would’ve heard of you.” Says Trena. Quiveary Soul experiment 280 “I never did visit your parents that often so I’m not surprised you don’t remember me child.” Trena thinks to herself he looks creepy I don’t even remember how I ran into him or came in contact with him how long have I been here for? ...She looks around the room... Nope can’t remember. “If you are my mommy and daddy’s friend tell me where I am.” Quiveary Soul experiment 280 “Oh that’s simple; you are in a place no one will find you.” “No that’s not true. Demveus will find me! Says Trena. Quiveary Soul experiment 280 “Oh and who is he?” “I’m not telling you.” Says Trena forthright. “Oh, so you are a stubborn one are you? “ Asks Quiveary Soul experiment 280. Trena “I’m not stubborn, who are you to call me stubborn? ... Trena screams releasing the Moonbeam blinding Quiveary Soul experiment 280 she tries saying… Power Stream Of Destiny.” to see if the locket will work amazingly it does but she doesn’t know why it never works without Demveus around although maybe he’s close by she hope so. “You can’t hurt me without being hurt first or at least I won’t let you.” Says Sailor Quarter Moon. “You really don’t know how powerful I am. You dare to challenge me?” Says and asks Quiveary Soul experiment 280. “Yes I’m not afraid of you.” Says Sailor Quarter Moon. She is really holding out for when Demveus comes but she knows if she has to fight she will fight she is not afraid too she’s just trying to be clever, smart and wise as well as tactical showing skillful planning in order to accomplish something, she dodges and weevs like she had been taught in training she also uses her Teiara which isn’t quite as powerful as her mother’s but it still works. Back to Demveus he had gone halfway around the world already and they still can’t find her it took almost 3 years making sure he wasn’t getting exhausted orders from his grandfather Demveus had, had three birthdays he is now 13 and if he did the math right Trena is 10. If it were up to him he would continue nonstop trying to find her but because of his grandfather being with him he can’t do that because if word got back to his grandmother Phebe, knew what he was trying to do she would have a heyday and probably say something about going around the world so fast could change the speed of time or something like that. He went as fast as he was allowed though he had drive of his own to see their future stay the way it is because his mother Tayafay had told him some things not all. He also had drive to keep his jurisdiction in order which Trena is part of. And he is now realizing more than ever that he likes her but he dare not say that until at least her 13th birthday. He finds her a year later at that point he is somewhat exhausted because he didn’t listen to his grandfather because he thought it was taking way too long though he had no idea where she is he is now 14 and Trena 11. Trena had given up some of the fighting thing because he was and is just too strong in the end she got exhausted many times in and out of sailor uniform. The situation did teacher to fight even more than she thought she would have to though. She eventually escaped when she uses a sharp piece of metal to defend herself with as well as her abilities of transformation before she left she said to him “I may be a young Princess but I am not a week Princess she slams the door before she leaves and the 300020 century crystal starts emanating power without her activating it. She hears “You get back here!” He knows he can’t move so all he can say is that. Trena runs until she can’t run anymore she collapses to the ground but the crystal still emanates light and power which she can’t figure out because she is exhausted. The light slowly dies out as Trena’s energy becomes low as she is about to pass out she hears two voices she can’t tell who they belong to but she knows someone found her.
  19. I'm not sure if I answered it in last chapter so I will answer it now from what I know it was because it was in the wrong person's hands. In my mind I was thinking and a good person's hands good effects in an evil person's hands bad effects. If I did explain that in the chapter just reaffirms what I said I also answered it now because I don't know if it's going to go berserk again.
  20. I am not the one that came up with the original in sailor scout and outer sailor scouts they belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Phoebe belongs to EliseAyumu Chapter 36 Inner And Outer Sailor Scouts Brought Together I am not the one that came up with the original in sailor scout and outer sailor scouts they belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Phoebe belongs to EliseAyumu Chapter 36 Inner And Outer Sailor Scouts Brought Together Demveus “I don’t know yet…. Huh….wait I remember I have to trust in our right now future love.” He gets a new attack “San-shine Explosion: he starts to glow as bright as the sun sending out a sandstorm, solar rays and lava boms. The 300014 century Zimia “You think those will hurt me I don’t think so you should have learned from the fight on Shadow Con… she starts laughing…HAHAHA… oh and I was the one that hit you over the head but you probably don’t remember that very well you passed out. Because of Demveus’s attack the sand Zimia’s body gets sand abrasions. Two unexpected attacks hit the 300014 century Zimia from out of nowhere Sailor Origin Unknown uses her Henvei Heat Seeker attack and Rono activates his mother Ranvaya‘s pendant by saying “Rarequare.” Enemy gets forced backwards and temporarily stunned which is the mild affect of the pendant. “All right you found us. That’s good because P.S.T.T.S. is in no condition to start searching for you right now.” Says Demveus. “Yeah it took us long enough I had to find him Sailor Origin Unknown points at Rono it was hard because he was searching for his mother Ranvaya.” “Well my mama never sits still for too long.” Says Rono. When Demveus reaches the ground he makes sure he doesn’t hit the ground and he runs over to Trena and her parents putting a force field around them all. “Please allow me.” He holds out his arms the Shining Star Fighter is hesitant but then Sailor Full Moon puts a hand on his shoulder, “It will be fine. We can trust the boy, I don’t know why but someone who follows me around secretively somehow tells me it’s so.” The Shining Star Fighter “And, who would that be? You never told me someone is following you around.” “You are right she is my grandmother Phebe and I have noticed she is somewhat shy too. I could be wrong though I’m not around her all the time my grandfather is.” Says Demveus as he looks at his grandfather General Ennove. It’s not creepy, she doesn’t like people to know that she’s around very much she likes to be secretive because of the element of surprise and not for me surprise wise anyway for enemies. I think she is related to him somehow” Says Sailor Full Moon. Just as Sailor Full Moon says that the 300014 century Zimia starts trying to break through the force field “I WANT THE CRYSTAL AND THAT CHILD!” Four voices say from up on the Moonlight Tower “You will never get what you want with us around let alone her parents. Sailor Origin Unknown “They are definitely right about that evil never wins or pays off.” Sailor Venyearus she gets a slight dreaming look on her face and says “And you won’t because of her friend and future boyfriend.” Demveus thinks to himself while blocking his thoughts how did she know and that’s just like her all her family up to her have had similar personalities or outlooks on life. “I am 10 Sailor Venyearus! I was nowhere close to thinking that. Until you said something...” He blocks his thoughts again using his powers not yet anyway… Sailor Venyearus “Oh sorry… But I think you guys would make a cute couple even if your still children play dates are nice.” “Would you please just stop with… we’re dealing with a serious situation here.” Says Demveus. “Oh right sorry again” says Sailor Venyearus. The Shining Star Fighter is even more hesitant to hand T.T over but he knows it’s the best thing for their future right now. Demveus “Thank you you won’t regret this… He is still glowing and is still warm from the radiating of solar heat... Come back to us P.S.T.T.S. you are needed, and if you die our future is... Devastated. Literally I know I’m not allowed to say anything but I have to your parents are fully encased in that ice crystal. If you die I have failed.” Sailor Jupaira, Zerroay, Sailor Venyearus, Zeariks, Sailor Merciqua, Shedoawin, Sailor Marsaira Kayiay and Showawdo all go running down the stairs of the Moonlight Tower. When they reached the bottom they all surround Sailor Full Moon the Shining Star Fighter Demveus and Trena their planetary symbols start glowing on their foreheads Mercury, Mars. Jupiter, Venus and they are joined by Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn of the past time Period. “We are here to help and ensure a peaceful future.” Says Rocana one of the descendents of Amara (Haruka) Uranus. “We will fight for a peaceful future.” Says Shayreama one of the descendents of Trista (Setsuna) Pluto and ancestor of Sailor Plutaya Shamaizis. “The seas are crying out for me to do something so I must do it.” Says Micoaann one of the descendents of Neptune Michelle (Michiru.) “I am destined to bring about death and destruction as well as rebirth and new growth I will fulfill my duty and not let it be forgotten.” Says Danlaya one of the descendents of Saturn Hotaru and one of the ancestors of Mayanda. Their planetary symbols start glowing on their foreheads as well. In this way they help Demveus then Sailor Full Moon’s Crescent Moon appears on her forehead in turn making the present day crystal react. Then Demveus hears Trena say in her unconscious state the words “Boom Healing.” Demveus looks at his grandfather general Ennove I have a feeling those words mean something but what I told you to teach me Boachy I have a feeling it has something to do with that but how exactly.” “Hmmm...” General Ennove thinks for a minute “Ah yes I remember now she is telling you the words of healing so you can help her.” Demveus nods “Right...Boom Healing... Princess once again I say in certain words wake up he couldn’t say what he was really thinking because they are not old enough and her parents are standing right there.... So he opts out by saying ...I want to have a friendship with you and that just started a short time ago. Over the last three years it may not seem short to you but to me it is because I’m a Moon God. I mean to say we have been here in the past three years. Or you have and you rescued me and I think you for that.” Trena opens her eyes “What happened why is everyone staring at me? And we’ve known each other longer than that Demveus maybe not in this life but in others.” Demveus smiles hugging Princess Serenity Trena “You’re right we have.” Trena asks “So...o really, why is everybody staring at me?”
  21. I was hoping you would say that because that's what I was going for,
  22. I agree with you both but I don't think they're going to take it away so unfortunately the way it is. Even though it s***s. I'm still happy they have it out I will not deny that.
  23. Yay that means there's an act tonight I will definitely be watching that and let you know I will add to this one if people don't comment after me. Posted Today April 18 4:46 AM That was one of my favorite episodes and they remastered it perfectly in my opinion me on the edge of my seat the whole time I had absolutely no complaints not that I complain a lot about these.
  24. Chapter 35 The Earth Moonlight Tower Fight Zorroay thinks to himself oh my two targets in one place how handy he floats down to the Moonlight Tower roof “Are you really willing to challenge me you know you might lose no actually you will lose. Remember who taught you to fight you said it yourself.” “That makes no difference I am defending those who cannot defend themselves right now.” Says Jaya. “And you don’t think she will get stuck in the crossfire we are on a tower honestly I know who you are and you know who I am so stop playing games.” Says Zorroay. “I’m not playing games.” As Jaya is saying this Trena is trying to find the door handle behind her to try and escape or avaid danger. She finds it but the door opens outwards not inwards. Trena is watching the fighting with a not very pleased expression on her face. As Jaya gets knocked to the ground Trena looks at the other three girls who are fighting their own battles and Damveus who is also fighting his own against Showawdo. Jaya gets back up just as Zerroay goes to grab Trena I will not let you hurt T.T her planetary symbol appears on her forehead as she lifts Zerroay off the ground, just because you helped me learn to fight does not mean you can get away with what you want Zerroay. No matter what side you’re on I am still your Princess. Trena’s eyes go wide thinking to herself what’s going to happen now is she going to throw him over? “Am I understood Zerroay?” Asks Jaya. “Yes p…put me down Jaya! Says Zerroay. “You don’t call me that again until you earn my respect until that happens you call me Princess we apparently do not have the same relationship we did have Zerroay.” Says Jaya. Drawing from long centuries Trena says “No you do not have the same relationship as you did through many centuries both Jaya and Zerroay look at Trena shocked. They both ask “How do you know that?” Trena says “Because you were both my friends through different centuries sometimes at the same time sometimes at different times. Now stop this senseless fighting all of you, you are not enemies! You’re long since passed allies some of you have been misled, but I can change that if you allow it.” Demveus, Jaya, Zerroay, Minima, Zeariks, Shanada, Shedoawin, Kayiay and Showawdo all look at Princess Serenity Trena. Jaya, Zerroay, Minima, Zeariks, Shanada, Shedoawin, Kayiay and Showawdo all ask “How?” Trena holds up the crystal Jaya, Zerroay, Minima, Zeariks, Shanada, Shedoawin, Kayiay and Showawdo all say “You’re too young to use that by yourself.” “That’s why I have Demveus. Exclaims Trena. Demveus blushes a little as Trena, Jaya, Zerroay, Minima, Zeariks, Shanada, Shedoawin, Kayiay and Showawdo all look at him. He thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers she really trusts me I’m glad but surprised at the same time. Being in mid air he lowers himself to the ground. Realizing he doesn’t have his full memories back he asks “Are you sure you’re able to do this you look kind of tired?” Trena says “I’ll be fine, you worry too much.” “I do not you used the crystal three times or maybe four that’s why I am asking.” Says Demveus. Trena smiles at Demveus “Trust me Demveus you may be older than me but you are still somewhat dependent on me right now. And besides that I’m not scared with you around.” Demveus which ones of you wants to be healed by the crystal? All four of them say “We do.” Just as they are about to activate the crystal or in the midst of it a shock of pain goes through Zerroay, Zeariks, Shedoawin and Showawdo’s bodies. “Aaaaaaah…” The 300014 century Zimia goes straight for Trena before anyone knows what’s happening the crystal has started to react and drain her energy. “TRENA!” Demveus yells as Sailor Full Moon‘s Teiara heads to strike the 300014 century Zimia and free the weekend Trena. Has the Teiara hits the 300014 century Zimia she drops Trena Shining Star Fighter catches her “She is so cold! Sailor Full Moon.” “AHAHAHAHAHAH! I have won the little pint sized brat is dying.” Says the 300014 century Zimia. Demveus “You have not won I won’t allow it he jumps off the Moonlight Tower. “Oh and what are you going to do?” Asks the 300014 century Zimia.