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    Well... I am a fan of Sailor Moon obviously! I like watching it. I like creating my own Sailor Senshi and telling people about them , I enjoy roleplaying and I like reading books . I am very passionate in things I do , though people think I'm very naughty and optimistic I also have a quiet and silent side , sometimes I don't want any noise I just want to relax and be with myself . I like people who understand me for who I am. :))
  1. I missed you too actually... I missed everyone! XD
  2. Hello everyone!!! Hehe everyone still remembers me! Yipee >_< ( Nebula Knight it really fellt like I died? XD )
  3. Hello everyone!!! I am Light... I am best known as the person who created Sailor Europa!!! Sailor Triton ( Sophia~ ) and I washed off evil baddies before. I've been gone for 2 years but now I am back. I won't be super active all the time because of schoool!!! Well I will still fight evil by moonlight * sings theme song *
  4. I wanna join! I want to use Sailor Europa and my male character : Sun Rider !!!
  5. " Okay then! Lets go! " Youko grinned . --------- SORRY I'VE BEEN IN ACTIVE FOR AWHILE...
  6. " Hmmmm... Why don't you... Uhmmm... Uhhh... I have no idea , sorry " Youko said .
  7. Youko's father knocked on her bedroom door and woke her up " Youko you gotta wake up now , you still have school " " Okay , I'll be down stairs in a minute... " Youko replied . Youko took a bath and prepared the things she needed for school . She brought her school books , her notebooks , her phone and her locket . She went down stairs and ate her breakfast which was scrambled eggs and sausages . " Yum! Thanks dad. " Youko cheered . " Your Welcome . " Her dad replied . After eating her breakfast her father handed her lunch and Youko said goodbye to her father and walked off to school . She looked around the street and looked for Fuyu .
  8. Youko's father finished with his work and noticed Youko swimming . " Youko , don't you want to come in ... The water is cold . " Her father told her . " Ummm...kay ... I'm going in " Youko replied . Youko went inside her house and her father made dinner , After dinner she took a bath . She weared her pajamas and went to bed . " Tommorow is another day... " Youko said to herself . ( same question like sophia .... in the role play is it weekend or the school tommrow? )
  9. " I'll be leaving too... Good Bye . " Sailor Europa said her fairwell . Sailor Europa dissapeared and transformed back to her normal form and went back home before her father could notice that she was gone. She took a swim in the beach near her house to relax a bit.
  10. Ofcourse! Your from Canada right?
  11. If Tuxedo Mask sees this will he be jealous??? Hehehe
  12. " Oh come on! I didn't get to attack! Hmph! " Sailor Europa complained . " Oh! Sorry... Nice to meet you Galacta Knight Sol and Sailor Chaos ... " Sailor Europa smiled . " You say that me and Sailor Triton look familiar ... maybe you have mistaken us for someone else . " Sailor Europa said .
  13. Yes there is ! This is how Canada looks like! And his brother is America! My favorite is Germany!!!!