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  1. Yeah can't wait to get the movie next month
  2. Looks like they finally announced Sailor Moon Stars Dubbed. Can't wait. It will be released May of next year. https://twitter.com/fredjfrancis/status/1063666208489259008 https://twitter.com/fredjfrancis/status/1063666208489259008
  3. I don't understand what you are asking.
  4. Update 2: Was having a problem with theme and the videos would not resize and because of that users could not see the controls. This is fixed but now I can't adjust settings. Updated links for all episodes except the following VIZ MOVIES VIZ Season 1-3 (all of 4 is up ) Viz Specials Subbed Specials Sailor Moon Crystal Dubbed Update 3: Everything in the front end seems to be working fine, there are bugs in the backend but I can ignore them for now. Just need to upload SM Crystal Dub and SM VIZ Re Dub and re-link Update 4: Everything is up and running as it should be. Added Https All episodes have been re-linked.
  5. Hey Everyone! Sorry for redirecting you to our forums. SailorMoonTV had a malicious code installed on it, but rest assured it has been removed. However, because of this the site has items that do not work as they use to. For example, the videos cannot be played properly. I currently do not have time to fix this so in the meantime I will be redirecting to the forums. Sorry for the inconvenience, Hopefully I can get it up ASAP. Thanks, Zero
  6. Update 1: Website back online and no longer redirects Uploaded All episodes of the Original Dubbed Anime, Most of Viz's Anime Uploaded and posted all the episodes for Sailor Moon Super S Part 2 (YAY!!) You can watch them now (http://sailormoontv.com/category/viz-dub-season-4/)
  7. Zero

    Website problems

    Oh don't worry about the Wordpress site, I have backups. I just have to reupload like 400GB worth of episodes.
  8. New problem: Seems like all the episodes have been deleted, so I would have to re-upload and update links. This will take some time.
  9. Zero

    Website problems

    Thanks for letting us know. I am working on this issue.
  10. Zero

    Many faces of Usagi

    You can download them?
  11. Thanks I just wish we can have a lot of users like we use to.
  12. Viz's Sailor Moon Super S Part 2 is being released tomorrow (Nov 13, 2018), anyone planning to get it? If you are planning to buy it, here is a link for it on Amazon https://amzn.to/2FkfCw7
  13. IKR, Little to no information on Crystal for last 2 years. I wonder when the next season will be coming out.
  14. Zero


    Welcome Veni! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. What about something like a Temperature converter? Or a PDF generator that takes text and converts to PDF?
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