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    I love hanging out with friends, playing hockey, making websites, staring at a computer screen, texting, playing video games, watching movies, and watching anime also I really love the transformation music in dubbed SM
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    Sailor Venus
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  1. Looks like they finally announced Sailor Moon Stars Dubbed. Can't wait. It will be released May of next year. https://twitter.com/fredjfrancis/status/1063666208489259008 https://twitter.com/fredjfrancis/status/1063666208489259008
  2. Thanks I just wish we can have a lot of users like we use to.
  3. IKR, Little to no information on Crystal for last 2 years. I wonder when the next season will be coming out.
  4. Viz's Sailor Moon Super S Part 2 is being released tomorrow (Nov 13, 2018), anyone planning to get it? If you are planning to buy it, here is a link for it on Amazon https://amzn.to/2FkfCw7
  5. Zero


    Welcome Veni! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. What about something like a Temperature converter? Or a PDF generator that takes text and converts to PDF?
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    Just doing some tests
  7. Welcome back, good to see you again I vaguely remember you having a powerbook, glad you upgraded