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  2. Thanks I just wish we can have a lot of users like we use to.
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  4. @Zero Yep! I wonder why they've not said much about it at all though. My faith is dwindling in the production with the amount of time it's taking. Let's all hope it's because they're making sure the animation is amazing and the voices are top notch since it's theatrical! @Sailor_Moon I agree the price of the sets is a bit steep. Especially for the Blu-ray ones! It's also not the full season! Typically, full season sets would sell for about $50. I suppose this shows how long it's been since I've bought discs, though.
  5. Seems like he's roleplaying in his own way. I'm glad he's found a way to express himself! Way to go, guy.
  6. I shared the forums on Twitter with the Sailor moon Hashtag to try and gain more people! Hope it helps!
  7. Thanks, but not planning to buy. Too expensive
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  9. IKR, Little to no information on Crystal for last 2 years. I wonder when the next season will be coming out.
  10. Thanks for the info! ♥ I wish we had an actual release date for the Crystal movies!! It sucks we have such little information about them too.
  11. Viz's Sailor Moon Super S Part 2 is being released tomorrow (Nov 13, 2018), anyone planning to get it? If you are planning to buy it, here is a link for it on Amazon https://amzn.to/2FkfCw7
  12. Thanks for the welcome, Zero! Nice to meet you.
  13. Zero


    Welcome Veni! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. I only used this name because I know quite a few people from Discord know me by this. My name is Veni. I'm 28 years old and I live in Florida, USA. My first love is my Husband and my second is Sailor Moon. I prefer Manga to 90's anime, but I'm well versed in most things Sailor Moon. My least knowledgable universe is the Sera Myu-verse. I suppose I could be called "Obsessed".. lol. I do prefer the term "Moonie", though. My reasons for loving Sailor Moon are probably from the vast amounts of factual things spread throughout the story. From the Mythological aspect to the use of Geology. I'm also completely biased towards the Moon as it's my favorite part of the night sky. (So, the fact it's called "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" drew me in.) I have too many images saved from official work to my own creations for it to be healthy and if I were rich I'd probably own as many collectibles as I could. Feel free to friend me~ :3
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  16. So I'll try to do the temperature thing now. It'll just be a simple enter the temp in Fahrenheit and then get it out in Celsius stuff in C. If anybody wants that programm I can sent it to them over email
  17. Well...uh...the PDF thing sounds complicated ...But..I'll could try the temperature thing. Just need to find a formula for that
  18. What about something like a Temperature converter? Or a PDF generator that takes text and converts to PDF?
  19. Well ad the title says I need help with program's, kinda, well I am mainly asking for ideas for program's. So the conditons are that they have to be simple. So they should easily be doable by ..Well me, and I'm just beginning to learn programming, mainly in C...and then we'll they should be able to do as Console program's and then ...Well they should be compatible with the so called Eva principle so E = Eingabe / input V = Verarbeitung/ where things get calculated and stuff A = ausgabe / Output They can however involve If, else and While loops. So I'm mainly asking for ideas here. Since the exercises out teacher gives us are to hard for me ..and I can't thing of stuff my own. I will share the finished program with you tho ...So I hope you'll give me good ideas and thank you.
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