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  2. This game looks very interesting and I might get it too.
  3. Zero

    Captain Marvel

    Did any one watch it? Did you like it? Also check this out
  4. http://clubsailormoon.com/sailor-moon-crystal-truth-or-bluff/ What do you think about this game? Would you get it? Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff A Party Game of Deception and Misdirection Rules and Graphic Design by Mark MacKinnon PRE-ORDER NOW FOR SPRING 2019 RELEASE! 3-8 Players (10+) • 20-40 minutes • MSRP $34.99 USD Product Code DYS-402 • UPC 627843307525 Are you telling the truth or bluffing? Keep your opponents guessing as you pass tiles around the table and try not to get caught being too obvious. Watch out for the Dark Kingdom villains, though, because they can mess with your plans. When one player triggers the end of the game they are defeated and the player with the most number of Success Tokens is the winner! A hilarious party game of deception and misdirection featuring super-deformed caricatures of your favourite Sailor Moon Crystal guardians! Game Details Players each attempt to avoid running out of Character Tiles and/or filling the conditions on the selected Ending Tile that triggers the end of the game while simultaneously trying to gain the greatest number of Success Token points. The player that triggers the game’s end has been defeated while the player with the greatest number of Success Token points is the winner. Game Contents Everything needed to start bluffing is included in one box: easy-to-understand game rules with detailed examples 96 character tiles featuring heroes from the Sailor Moon Crystal series 6 villain tiles featuring the Dark Kingdom villains 10 ending tiles to determine when the game is over 63 success tokens to track game points 8 plastic tile holders with slots to keep your tiles upright 2 exclusive, high-quality cloth drawstring bags: a larger bag featuring Usagi's bedspread pattern for the tiles plus a smaller black bag with the Sailor Moon Crystal logo for the success tokens PRE-ORDER NOW FOR SPRING 2019 RELEASE!
  5. That's amazing news and yeah it would have been awesome if they has this in the U.S too.
  6. Sailor Moon will return to Universal Studios Japan, what do you think? Too bad they don't have this in the US. http://sailormoon-official.com/information/4-d.php
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  8. Since the 2nd part is the last dubbed DVD of the old anime they should go out with a bang.
  9. Yeah I agree that they could have included all of the Sailor Guardians along with the Sailor Starlights so that way it would look a lot nicer. Maybe for the 2nd part of the 5th season they might do that.
  10. I find the cover art really plain, basically it is Eternal Sailor Moon with a white and background. I feel like they could have done more. For example, include the Starlights.
  11. The cover for the Sailor Moon Stars DVD and Blu-ray looks very beautiful! I can't wait for this season to come out and I am really looking forward to watching Sailor Moon Stars dubbed for the first time too! 😃
  12. Hello Moonies! Here is the cover art for the upcoming Sailor Moon Stars part 1 DVD/Blu-ray. This DVD/Blu-ray will include the first 17 episodes and will also include behind the scene interviews. This will be the first time Sailor Moon Stars will be dubbed in English. We currently do not have the release date for this DVD/Blu-ray, all we know is that it will come out some time this spring. Let us know what you think about the cover! View the full article
  13. These are good quality! Too bad I am not looking to get these.
  15. Ebay ADV Pioneer Sailor Moon DVDs *Out of Print* Collectors season 1-4 and the movies.
  16. Pluto!

    Amazon trio

    Fisheye I like How he/she might have a crush on Ami.
  17. I vote for Nephrite because he's awesome.
  18. I vote for Berthier because she's my favorite Ayakashi Sister and she is a very amazing character too.
  19. Sakuranbo

    Amazon trio

    I vote for Tiger's Eye because he's my favorite Amazon Trio member and he's the most interesting one too.
  20. I vote for the Inners because they are my favorites.
  21. Maybe not, they are probably focusing on the DBZ movie.
  22. As you may know that instead of having the rest of the reasons for Sailor Moon Crystal, they decided to have a 2 part movie (was not excited about this) do you think they will release the movie this year?
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