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  4. Update 2: Was having a problem with theme and the videos would not resize and because of that users could not see the controls. This is fixed but now I can't adjust settings. Updated links for all episodes except the following VIZ MOVIES VIZ Season 1-3 (all of 4 is up ) Viz Specials Subbed Specials Sailor Moon Crystal Dubbed Update 3: Everything in the front end seems to be working fine, there are bugs in the backend but I can ignore them for now. Just need to upload SM Crystal Dub and SM VIZ Re Dub and re-link Update 4: Everything is up and running as it should be. Added Https All episodes have been re-linked.
  5. Not my own original art. So cute!!!
  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Not my art; I love these sisters so much!
  8. My first Sailor Moon drawing-I only had two colors of pen with me though lol; I should have made Rei
  9. So last week I just started rewatching the original English dubbed Sailor Moon since I’m now older and will probably have different and more mature thoughts on it and wow did I miss a lot apparently. Now that I’m watching it again, there seems to be so much I’ve missed or things I didn’t pick up on when I was in middle school (obviously) and I just wanted to see if anyone did the same. It also made me realize why people stressed watching the original Sailor Moon in Japanese because the Canadian version cut out/changed so much. So what I’m learning so far is: always trust the SM knowledge of people on this site, and: wow do I miss the first two voice actresses. tell me what you picked up on or I could tell you some of the things I caught or changed my mind about!
  10. Everyone on here is trying hard, I’m just happy to talk to you guys
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