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#6956 Sailor Moon Checklist

Posted by Zero on 08 September 2014 - 10:39 PM

Hey guys so if you are new to Sailor Moon then here is a checklist of what to watch/read to get caught up! I also included link to view the item. Happy Watching/Reading!!



Sailor Moon ENGLISH DUB+Movies [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Original+Movies [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Manga [http://mangapark.com/manga/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon Live Action [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Musicals (seramyu,La Reconquista (2013),Petite Etrangere (2014)) [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Original (Resub) [http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon ReDub [http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon Crystal (New Anime) [http://www.crunchyroll.com/sailor-moon-crystal]


Let me know if I'm missing something

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#7446 Happy Halloween!!

Posted by Zero on 30 October 2014 - 07:32 PM

I wanna actually go around scaring little kids xD :Tomo: :Tomo:

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#448 New Rank Images

Posted by Zero on 06 January 2013 - 01:15 AM

Hey members
Today we are pleased to announce that we have new rank images, here are the preview of them

Posted Image

they are custom made by me hope you like them, in case you are wondering why there are 6 member ranks, it's because we have 6 different ranks for members and the ranks are as follow

Member 1-Moonie (0-24 posts)
Member 2-Prism Moonie Power (25-75 posts)
Member 3-Crystal Moonie Power (76-149 posts)
Member 4-Comsic Moonie Power (150-349 posts)
Member 5-Crisis Moonie Power (350-899 posts)
Member 6-Eternal Moonie Power (900-Infinity posts)

So if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them
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#7580 Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 Discussion Thread

Posted by Zero on 16 November 2014 - 11:09 PM

I don't like how all of them dated each other it's just weird

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#6582 Moon pride Official Video posted (full lenght)

Posted by Yuuki on 19 July 2014 - 02:51 PM


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#6332 How the manga scarred me for life (spoilers)

Posted by SailorZelda on 04 July 2014 - 02:34 AM

I'm just saying since Sailor moon is in middle school or early high school, there's almost (this is an estimate) a ten year difference between the two. That shouldn't be normal.


Actually there's only a three year difference between them :) When she was in eighth grade, he was in eleventh. Also remember that the culture in Japan is different, and although they are much more polite and respectful in their society as a part of their culture, they also are very open with each other when it comes to things like this! For example back in high school, one of the girls I know went on exchange for a month where the host family took her to hot springs! Her and the whole family sat in the hot springs completely naked besides wearing a towel and for them it was totally normal. Its just a different culture :)
And really, if you were reading the last book of the manga, they are already in their 20's by then! And the first time it is implied that they slept together was when she was already in highschool.
Considering both these factors and that its really targeted for teens, not kids, I think that its perfectly normal and natural! It shows the true intimacy between them in a beautiful loving not purely sexual way as it should be. :)

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#6283 Hellooooo

Posted by KaratCake on 01 July 2014 - 12:59 PM

Hi guys! I'm KaratCake (yeah, it's a wordplay using my favorite food, carrot cake lol); you can call me Karat if you'd like! 


I kind of strayed away from anime and manga since my middle school days, but thanks to the Sailor Moon reboot in both Japan and the US my love for the sailor soldiers has been rekindled and I finally got a chance to read and finish the manga. Still working on the anime...I'm up to the early part of S. I love series and how it exemplifies female empowerment in so many different ways, and the characters are fun and relatable. 


My favorite characters are Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, but I feel like I do like them all for their own reasons.


Aside from Sailor Moon my interests are politics (lol I know, boring), cooking, reading, interior design, cosmetics, and learning languages.

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#5030 Sailor Moon and Batman

Posted by Zero on 10 December 2013 - 03:46 AM

Just imagine how it would be if they actually teamed up

Batman: Time to fight the Joker
SailorMoon: Alright!
SailorMoon: Let me just transform
*Take 2Min to transform
Batman: Finally!
*Gets in Batmobile
Joker: HAHAHHA you cannot stop me
SailorMoon: Moon Heart Spiral
*Has No effect on Joker
Batman: Batrang
*Knocks down Joker and Batman handcuffs him
Joker: noooooooooooo
SailorMoon: Wha what why how
Batman: Because I'm Batman!!
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#5012 Secret Santa Sign Up and Rules. 2013

Posted by CassyHattori63 on 25 November 2013 - 07:50 PM

Hey! Cassy Hattori here! I just got clearence from our admin, Sailor Sun to do this, so here are the rules!

1. You can sign up for secret Santa on this thread until December 18th.
2. Please put in this post if you would like to give, recieve, or both.
3. All gifts must be given on the internet, for privacy reasons. Gifts will be sent through PM!
4. Gifts may include the following:
- A picture (Tradional or digital)
- A song! (You record it, Vocaloid or UTAU that YOU programed. Cover songs are fine)
- A MMD model.
- MMD models dancing to a song (THAT YOU PROGRAMMED)
- An animation.
- A gif.
- Memberships to a website of choice.
- Get creative and do something all on your own! The above are just ideas.
5. Don't forget to add suggestions for what you want such as an above gift idea, your favorite colours, etc.
6. IF YOU CHOOSE TO GIVE: You can pick mutiple people off the recieve list.
7. IF YOU CHOOSE TO RECIEVE OR BOTH: You do not pick who you get a gift from, THEY PICK YOU!!! O.o
8. Please be respectful and follow the forum rules, and don't give out any VERY personal information.

Now for me... I am would like to Give and Recieve. I like Vocaloid and Black Butler. My favorite Characters are Kagamine Ren and Sebastian. If you choose to draw a picture of my OC's they are Rina Tachibana and Masayuki Kagami. My favorite colours are Purple and Black. I wonder who I shall send a gift to?

Well, Have fun everyone! ^^
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#4774 Unplugged Expo: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event

Posted by EliseAyumu on 22 September 2013 - 09:15 PM

Okay! So I am going to Unplugged Expo as a media person (Thank you XXZero :D ) and I am totally going to interview the cast of Sailor Moon if I get the chance.

So the confirmed people are:

Artemis (Ron Rubin)

Luna (Jill Frappier)

Sammy and Pereru (Julie Lemieux)

Melvin (Roland Parliament)

Raye (Katie Griffin)

Mina (Stephanie Morgenstern)

Lita (Susan Roman)

Serena (Terrie Hawks)

Here in this topic please post any and all questions you wish to ask these awesome voice actors and actresses and I will try to ask them :D

And no XXZero....Sailor Venus will not marry you.

Posted Image
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#465 Its Rini!

Posted by Chibi Usa/Rini/Small Lady on 07 January 2013 - 09:20 PM

Hi my name is Rini! My family calls me Chibi Usa and my friends call me Small Lady! I like Sailor Moon! Especially since she is my mom :)
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#3 Japanese or English?

Posted by Zero on 09 November 2012 - 08:45 PM

English :D prob cause I don't understand japanesse :D
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#233 Sailor Moon Demotivational Posters

Posted by EliseAyumu on 03 December 2012 - 09:27 PM

Here's one for the books.

Posted Image
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#23 Forum Rules

Posted by Zero on 13 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

Club Sailor Moon Forum Rules!

General Rules

1.0.1 Respect other users.
While there may be disagreements on a subject, or personal disliking between people, everyone should be respectful of others thoughts and views.
Addition: "Calling people out" in public threads is disallowed. Take your disagreements to private PM; insulting another member publicly and starting drama is now subject to warning and/or bans.

1.0.2 Don't Spam
If you add reply to a topic, please make sure that your reply adds to a discussion; posting meaningless replies like one-word sentences ("Cool", "Agree", "Bump", etc.) or smiles-only replies is not allowed.

1.0.3 Do not start duplicate topics
If there is a thread on a certain topic that you would like to discuss, please keep the topic to that thread instead of starting a new one.

1.0.4 Stay on topic.
If you post in a thread, please keep the thread as close to the original post's topic as possible.

1.0.5 Do not double post.
Double posting is posting more than one time in a row in a thread in a very short time frame (less than 5 hours). Double posting is not allowed. If you want to add something to post you just made, please edit the newly made post, rather than making a new one.

1.0.6 Replying To Old Post
You are allowed to reply to any post that is old, as long as it is irrelevant now, for example you reply to a thread made in 2012 about "What you got for Christmas" that is no longer irrelevant. If you reply to a topic that ask what your favorite scout it and it was made in 2012, you are allow to reply to that.

1.0.7 Do not swear.
Using bad language (including bad language with letters replaced by asterisks, dots, or any other symbols) is not allowed.

1.0.8 No mini moderating.
Unless you are an official moderator, please do not act as one. If you believe that some other forum member is acting against forum rules, please press the report button. Don't comment saying that a topic should be deleted, that one should be banned, etc. If you have a particular concern about a certain post, use "report" button or send a private message to forum administration.

Responding to troll posts (especially those from banned members ) will not be tolerated. It only encourages the troll to continue posting for attention and to get a reaction. If you aren't sure if a post is a troll post...don't post in the thread just to be safe.

1.1.0 Use proper English language and formatting.
Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't type all your posts in big or in color fonts. Capital letters, big and color fonts should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

1.1.1 Posting Sailor Moon-related pictures (and other materials) with explicit (hentai) content not allowed.
Please don't post explicit picture, this is friendly community, doing so may result in a warning or a ban.

1.1.2 No Advertising
You are not allowed to advertise any other website anywhere! You may link to your social media account, ie. Twitter,Deviant art etc.

1.1.3 Use proper English language and formatting.
Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't type all your posts in big or in color fonts. Capital letters, big and color fonts should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

1.1.4 Don't quote entire posts.
When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make.

1.1.5 Provide descriptive titles to new threads, related to their content and giving an idea on what they are about.
If, for instance, you want to post to YouTube about Theme Song you made, giving your new thread title like "Sailor Moon-Season 1 Theme Song (Youtube)" is definitely better than something like "Youtube video", and so on.

Shoutbox/Chat Room Rules

2.0.0 All General Rules Apply Here Too!

2.0.1 Do not use a lot of smiles
if you can't read the shout box then you are using too many.

2.0.2 Do not use big font
Please use a respectable size!

2.0.3 No advertising
ABSOLUTELY NO advertising of any kind in the Shout Box/Chat Room

PM System Rules

3.0.0 General Rules Apply here too!

3.0.1 Don’t abuse/spam using the PM system.
Don't spam/abuse the PM system! Doing so will result in a ban

3.0.2 No offensive PM allowed
If you receive an offensive private message, forward it to a staff member

3.0.3 No Advertising
If you find someone advertising something, forward it to a staff member

Signature/ Avatar Rules

4.0.0 Any Avatars are allowed
You may use any avatar you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.1 Any Signature is allowed
You may use any signature you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.2 No Advertising in Signature
You may not advertise a website on your signature, this includes images with links. You are allowed to have a link to social media sites ie. Facebook, Twitter etc.

4.0.3 Signature Image size
Although we don't limit the size, you should try to make it reasonable size (nothing to big), don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

4.0.4 Number of Signature Images
We don't have a limit that forces the amount of images you may have, but we allow 2 reasonable size images or more if they are smaller, don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

Gallery Rules

5.0.0 Don't post small images
Images that are small and hard to see are not allowed.

5.0.1 Offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed
posting offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed and will result in a ban

*If any of these rules are broken you may get banned or receive a warning (depending on rule broken)
*Admins/Mods have the right to ban a member with or without a reason
*Rules are subject to change, you should check these often
*Some sections have their own set of rules, please follow them as well as keeping General Rules in mind
*If you have any comments or concern about the rules PM XXZero

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#6949 Hi, I'm New Here!!!

Posted by Nebula-Knight on 08 September 2014 - 01:39 AM

Hey there and welcome to the forums. Those two are not the only law. But I am more like a deputy, but hey I get to carry an awesome Internet Peace Keeper Gun. ........Maybe I should Upgrade it to a Grenade Launcher.
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#6662 What you think about them being Lesbians?

Posted by Katsumi Michiko on 28 July 2014 - 01:58 PM

I don't mind. After all, Sailormoon is a story about love conquering hate. If two people love each other, than that is fine if they want to be together. Nothing except love should matter in a relationship.

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#4889 Best Villian

Posted by EliseAyumu on 12 October 2013 - 12:49 AM

In the case of her "turning" Neptune and Uranus, she's an idiot. How did she not see that they would betray her??

She was blinded by the awesomeness of the outer senshi....
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#4285 When is the new Sailor Moon anime coming out?

Posted by EliseAyumu on 17 July 2013 - 08:38 PM

Well...there is still no set date but we think it will be coming out between November this year and February 2014. As for the station...we don't know. But I'm going to guess that Crunchyroll will have it. We will most likely have more information on August 4th because the band who is confirmed to be singing the new theme song is said to have an announcement about the new anime at their concert. Any other information will probably be like two months away from the premier.
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#3694 Rini's Horrible Dream chapter 1 (Not a Chibiusa/Rini Bashing Fic!)

Posted by Moonieblue95 on 01 July 2013 - 05:25 PM

A/N: ok so here's how I Got this idea! See I Really hated the fanfic that the fanfic critic reviewed called, Rini's horrible Death. so I Decided to give it a better ending. I Hope I Did the right thing. Enjoy! (P.S. This story is gonna have 2 chapters)

Rini woke up screaming, breathing and gasping. Serena busted in the room and ran to Rini's side holding her.

"RINI! Are you okay ? What happened ? Did you have a nightmare ?"

Rini busted in tears and Cuddled in Serena's arms.

"Y-Yes!" She said, stiffing.

Serena cuddled her daughter tightly.

"What was the nightmare about Rini ?" She asked.

Rini wiped her eyes and nose, looking down at the covers, gripping them angerily.

"I Don't want to talk about" she said.

"What was it about Rini ? Please just tell me." Serena asked her again, Concerned.


Serena looked at Rini worried but she respect her daughter's wish not to talk about the dream.

"Okay Rini. We don't have to about it if you don't want to. I Just wanted to make sure you were okay"

Serena kissed Rini on the forehead.

"Goodnight Rini. We'll talk about this tomorrow in the morning if you're ready" Serena closed the door slowly.

Rini wiped a tear from her eye and cuddled her stuffed bunny that was beside her. She looked at it sadly.

"Oh Mr. Bunny. I Had the most terrible nightmare. I Had a dream that Serena was doing very horrible things to me and I just don't know how she would reaction if I Tell her. You'll protect me, won't you Bunny ?" Rini talked to her stuffed bunny about nightmare for a few mintues until she got tired.

Rini yawned.

"It was nice talking to you Mr. Bunny, Thanks for listening. Maybe If I Go to sleep with you the nightmare won't come back again" She closed her big reds and fell fast asleep with the stuffed bunny in her arms.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter :) I'd gotta say That fanfic Rini's horrible death was just plain awful, mindless and evil! When I Heard it from the Fanfic critic, I Felt like crying :( How could you write something like about a child getting killed and on top of that getting by her OWN MOTHER ?! The one who loves and protects her no matter how Rini is mean to her sometimes and heck, Serena would never do anything like to ANYONE especially Her FUTURE DAUGHTER! SMH! Sickos these days! >.< I Will update soon!
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#277 Sailor Moon Demotivational Posters

Posted by Zero on 08 December 2012 - 12:27 AM

I like this one
Posted Image
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