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#6956 Sailor Moon Checklist

Posted by Zero on 08 September 2014 - 10:39 PM

Hey guys so if you are new to Sailor Moon then here is a checklist of what to watch/read to get caught up! I also included link to view the item. Happy Watching/Reading!!



Sailor Moon ENGLISH DUB+Movies [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Original+Movies [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Manga [http://mangapark.com/manga/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon Live Action [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Musicals (seramyu,La Reconquista (2013),Petite Etrangere (2014)) [http://sailormoonepisode.com]

Sailor Moon Original (Resub) [http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon ReDub [http://www.hulu.com/sailor-moon]

Sailor Moon Crystal (New Anime) [http://www.crunchyroll.com/sailor-moon-crystal]


Let me know if I'm missing something

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#7446 Happy Halloween!!

Posted by Zero on 30 October 2014 - 07:32 PM

I wanna actually go around scaring little kids xD :Tomo: :Tomo:

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#448 New Rank Images

Posted by Zero on 06 January 2013 - 01:15 AM

Hey members
Today we are pleased to announce that we have new rank images, here are the preview of them

Posted Image

they are custom made by me hope you like them, in case you are wondering why there are 6 member ranks, it's because we have 6 different ranks for members and the ranks are as follow

Member 1-Moonie (0-24 posts)
Member 2-Prism Moonie Power (25-75 posts)
Member 3-Crystal Moonie Power (76-149 posts)
Member 4-Comsic Moonie Power (150-349 posts)
Member 5-Crisis Moonie Power (350-899 posts)
Member 6-Eternal Moonie Power (900-Infinity posts)

So if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them
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#7580 Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 Discussion Thread

Posted by Zero on 16 November 2014 - 11:09 PM

I don't like how all of them dated each other it's just weird

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#6582 Moon pride Official Video posted (full lenght)

Posted by Yuuki on 19 July 2014 - 02:51 PM


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#6332 How the manga scarred me for life (spoilers)

Posted by SailorZelda on 04 July 2014 - 02:34 AM

I'm just saying since Sailor moon is in middle school or early high school, there's almost (this is an estimate) a ten year difference between the two. That shouldn't be normal.


Actually there's only a three year difference between them :) When she was in eighth grade, he was in eleventh. Also remember that the culture in Japan is different, and although they are much more polite and respectful in their society as a part of their culture, they also are very open with each other when it comes to things like this! For example back in high school, one of the girls I know went on exchange for a month where the host family took her to hot springs! Her and the whole family sat in the hot springs completely naked besides wearing a towel and for them it was totally normal. Its just a different culture :)
And really, if you were reading the last book of the manga, they are already in their 20's by then! And the first time it is implied that they slept together was when she was already in highschool.
Considering both these factors and that its really targeted for teens, not kids, I think that its perfectly normal and natural! It shows the true intimacy between them in a beautiful loving not purely sexual way as it should be. :)

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#6283 Hellooooo

Posted by KaratCake on 01 July 2014 - 12:59 PM

Hi guys! I'm KaratCake (yeah, it's a wordplay using my favorite food, carrot cake lol); you can call me Karat if you'd like! 


I kind of strayed away from anime and manga since my middle school days, but thanks to the Sailor Moon reboot in both Japan and the US my love for the sailor soldiers has been rekindled and I finally got a chance to read and finish the manga. Still working on the anime...I'm up to the early part of S. I love series and how it exemplifies female empowerment in so many different ways, and the characters are fun and relatable. 


My favorite characters are Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, but I feel like I do like them all for their own reasons.


Aside from Sailor Moon my interests are politics (lol I know, boring), cooking, reading, interior design, cosmetics, and learning languages.

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#5030 Sailor Moon and Batman

Posted by Zero on 10 December 2013 - 03:46 AM

Just imagine how it would be if they actually teamed up

Batman: Time to fight the Joker
SailorMoon: Alright!
SailorMoon: Let me just transform
*Take 2Min to transform
Batman: Finally!
*Gets in Batmobile
Joker: HAHAHHA you cannot stop me
SailorMoon: Moon Heart Spiral
*Has No effect on Joker
Batman: Batrang
*Knocks down Joker and Batman handcuffs him
Joker: noooooooooooo
SailorMoon: Wha what why how
Batman: Because I'm Batman!!
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#5012 Secret Santa Sign Up and Rules. 2013

Posted by CassyHattori63 on 25 November 2013 - 07:50 PM

Hey! Cassy Hattori here! I just got clearence from our admin, Sailor Sun to do this, so here are the rules!

1. You can sign up for secret Santa on this thread until December 18th.
2. Please put in this post if you would like to give, recieve, or both.
3. All gifts must be given on the internet, for privacy reasons. Gifts will be sent through PM!
4. Gifts may include the following:
- A picture (Tradional or digital)
- A song! (You record it, Vocaloid or UTAU that YOU programed. Cover songs are fine)
- A MMD model.
- MMD models dancing to a song (THAT YOU PROGRAMMED)
- An animation.
- A gif.
- Memberships to a website of choice.
- Get creative and do something all on your own! The above are just ideas.
5. Don't forget to add suggestions for what you want such as an above gift idea, your favorite colours, etc.
6. IF YOU CHOOSE TO GIVE: You can pick mutiple people off the recieve list.
7. IF YOU CHOOSE TO RECIEVE OR BOTH: You do not pick who you get a gift from, THEY PICK YOU!!! O.o
8. Please be respectful and follow the forum rules, and don't give out any VERY personal information.

Now for me... I am would like to Give and Recieve. I like Vocaloid and Black Butler. My favorite Characters are Kagamine Ren and Sebastian. If you choose to draw a picture of my OC's they are Rina Tachibana and Masayuki Kagami. My favorite colours are Purple and Black. I wonder who I shall send a gift to?

Well, Have fun everyone! ^^
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#4774 Unplugged Expo: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event

Posted by EliseAyumu on 22 September 2013 - 09:15 PM

Okay! So I am going to Unplugged Expo as a media person (Thank you XXZero :D ) and I am totally going to interview the cast of Sailor Moon if I get the chance.

So the confirmed people are:

Artemis (Ron Rubin)

Luna (Jill Frappier)

Sammy and Pereru (Julie Lemieux)

Melvin (Roland Parliament)

Raye (Katie Griffin)

Mina (Stephanie Morgenstern)

Lita (Susan Roman)

Serena (Terrie Hawks)

Here in this topic please post any and all questions you wish to ask these awesome voice actors and actresses and I will try to ask them :D

And no XXZero....Sailor Venus will not marry you.

Posted Image
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#465 Its Rini!

Posted by Chibi Usa/Rini/Small Lady on 07 January 2013 - 09:20 PM

Hi my name is Rini! My family calls me Chibi Usa and my friends call me Small Lady! I like Sailor Moon! Especially since she is my mom :)
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#3 Japanese or English?

Posted by Zero on 09 November 2012 - 08:45 PM

English :D prob cause I don't understand japanesse :D
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#233 Sailor Moon Demotivational Posters

Posted by EliseAyumu on 03 December 2012 - 09:27 PM

Here's one for the books.

Posted Image
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#23 Forum Rules

Posted by Zero on 13 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

Club Sailor Moon Forum Rules!

General Rules

1.0.1 Respect other users.
While there may be disagreements on a subject, or personal disliking between people, everyone should be respectful of others thoughts and views.
Addition: "Calling people out" in public threads is disallowed. Take your disagreements to private PM; insulting another member publicly and starting drama is now subject to warning and/or bans.

1.0.2 Don't Spam
If you add reply to a topic, please make sure that your reply adds to a discussion; posting meaningless replies like one-word sentences ("Cool", "Agree", "Bump", etc.) or smiles-only replies is not allowed.

1.0.3 Do not start duplicate topics
If there is a thread on a certain topic that you would like to discuss, please keep the topic to that thread instead of starting a new one.

1.0.4 Stay on topic.
If you post in a thread, please keep the thread as close to the original post's topic as possible.

1.0.5 Do not double post.
Double posting is posting more than one time in a row in a thread in a very short time frame (less than 5 hours). Double posting is not allowed. If you want to add something to post you just made, please edit the newly made post, rather than making a new one.

1.0.6 Replying To Old Post
You are allowed to reply to any post that is old, as long as it is irrelevant now, for example you reply to a thread made in 2012 about "What you got for Christmas" that is no longer irrelevant. If you reply to a topic that ask what your favorite scout it and it was made in 2012, you are allow to reply to that.

1.0.7 Do not swear.
Using bad language (including bad language with letters replaced by asterisks, dots, or any other symbols) is not allowed.

1.0.8 No mini moderating.
Unless you are an official moderator, please do not act as one. If you believe that some other forum member is acting against forum rules, please press the report button. Don't comment saying that a topic should be deleted, that one should be banned, etc. If you have a particular concern about a certain post, use "report" button or send a private message to forum administration.

Responding to troll posts (especially those from banned members ) will not be tolerated. It only encourages the troll to continue posting for attention and to get a reaction. If you aren't sure if a post is a troll post...don't post in the thread just to be safe.

1.1.0 Use proper English language and formatting.
Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't type all your posts in big or in color fonts. Capital letters, big and color fonts should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

1.1.1 Posting Sailor Moon-related pictures (and other materials) with explicit (hentai) content not allowed.
Please don't post explicit picture, this is friendly community, doing so may result in a warning or a ban.

1.1.2 No Advertising
You are not allowed to advertise any other website anywhere! You may link to your social media account, ie. Twitter,Deviant art etc.

1.1.3 Use proper English language and formatting.
Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't type all your posts in big or in color fonts. Capital letters, big and color fonts should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

1.1.4 Don't quote entire posts.
When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make.

1.1.5 Provide descriptive titles to new threads, related to their content and giving an idea on what they are about.
If, for instance, you want to post to YouTube about Theme Song you made, giving your new thread title like "Sailor Moon-Season 1 Theme Song (Youtube)" is definitely better than something like "Youtube video", and so on.

Shoutbox/Chat Room Rules

2.0.0 All General Rules Apply Here Too!

2.0.1 Do not use a lot of smiles
if you can't read the shout box then you are using too many.

2.0.2 Do not use big font
Please use a respectable size!

2.0.3 No advertising
ABSOLUTELY NO advertising of any kind in the Shout Box/Chat Room

PM System Rules

3.0.0 General Rules Apply here too!

3.0.1 Don’t abuse/spam using the PM system.
Don't spam/abuse the PM system! Doing so will result in a ban

3.0.2 No offensive PM allowed
If you receive an offensive private message, forward it to a staff member

3.0.3 No Advertising
If you find someone advertising something, forward it to a staff member

Signature/ Avatar Rules

4.0.0 Any Avatars are allowed
You may use any avatar you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.1 Any Signature is allowed
You may use any signature you wish as long as it is not offensive or contain explicit materials.

4.0.2 No Advertising in Signature
You may not advertise a website on your signature, this includes images with links. You are allowed to have a link to social media sites ie. Facebook, Twitter etc.

4.0.3 Signature Image size
Although we don't limit the size, you should try to make it reasonable size (nothing to big), don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

4.0.4 Number of Signature Images
We don't have a limit that forces the amount of images you may have, but we allow 2 reasonable size images or more if they are smaller, don't add too many images that it makes posts look really big.

Gallery Rules

5.0.0 Don't post small images
Images that are small and hard to see are not allowed.

5.0.1 Offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed
posting offensive and or explicit materials are not allowed and will result in a ban

*If any of these rules are broken you may get banned or receive a warning (depending on rule broken)
*Admins/Mods have the right to ban a member with or without a reason
*Rules are subject to change, you should check these often
*Some sections have their own set of rules, please follow them as well as keeping General Rules in mind
*If you have any comments or concern about the rules PM XXZero

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#8473 So, there's this new show on Disney XD

Posted by Nebula-Knight on 28 March 2015 - 03:05 PM

What do you expect from Disney these days? They cant do anything Orignal anymore FFS they are making Live actions of their old animated movies

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#6901 Sailor Moon Crystal Episode Dates

Posted by Zero on 27 August 2014 - 02:50 PM

Episode  1:  July 5th, 2014,                
Episode  2:  July 19th, 2014              
Episode  3:  August 2nd, 2014            
Episode  4:  August 16th, 2014          
Episode  5:  September 6th, 2014      
Episode  6:  September 20th 2014      
Episode  7:  October 4th, 2014            
Episode  8:  October 18th, 2014          
Episode  9:  November 1st, 2014        
Episode 10: November 15th, 2014      
Episode 11: December 6th, 2014        
Episode 12: December 13th, 2014      
Episode 13:  January 3rd, 2015          
Episode 14:  January 17th, 2015
Episode 15:  February 7th, 2015
Episode 16:  February 21st, 2015
Episode 17:  March 7th. 2015
Episode 18:  March 21st, 2015
Episode 19:  April 4th, 2015
Episode 20:  April 18th, 2015
Episode 21:  May 2nd, 2015
Episode 22:  May 16th, 2015
Episode 23:  June 6th, 2015
Episode 24: June 20th, 2015
Episode 25:  July 4th, 2015
Episode 26:  July 18th, 2015

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#6568 Hello! ~ Sailor July

Posted by SailorJulyxo on 19 July 2014 - 04:29 AM

Hello everyone! ╰☆╮


I'm Sailor July, also known as Angie, a 24-year-old girl living in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen! We have two kitties, three birds and three hermit crabs. They're our babies.


I am a gamer, geek, anime and manga loving, shopping addicted, artist, blogger and Pagan. I have a lot of interests and I love making friends!


Jen and I started watching Sailor Moon on Hulu last month, with neither of us having watched SM as children and WE FELL IN LOVE! It's so amazing. Jen has nicknamed me Usagi because I am... Well, I pretty much am her, without even trying. Usagi is an idol of mine, so that is an honor. We're now on Sailor Moon R, and watching Sailor Moon Crystal.


I came across some SM OCs on deviantART and decided I wanted one as well. Since others' have used names that aren't planet related, I think it's okay that I went with Sailor July. :huh:  I was born in July (I turn 25 on the 28th) and consider my birth month, and Leo traits, very important. They truly define who I am - both good and bad. So! Sailor July. 


I've rambled enough and SMC is almost on! So... Yeah! Hi! Let's be friends.  :D 

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#4708 Chapter 29My Sailor Moon story

Posted by moon-sense-of-a on 07 September 2013 - 06:19 PM

Chapter 29

The Double Team And The Talk

One day in a secret cave in the far reaches of the Moon Kingdom, time stops and the younger Mibslam hears his own voice talking to him. He turns around to see his older self standing there. He is somewhat surprised to see himself standing there much less talking to him.
The younger Mibslam says "Why do you look like me and why do you sound like me? Are you my brother? Because he has no idea where I am, we haven't seen or spoken to each other for years."
The older Mibslam says "No, I'm not your brother. I am you, the future you. I have been traveling back and forth between our times for a while now."
The younger Mibslam says "Why have you come to me?" They talk in a whisper for hours.
Meanwhile at the Palace, King Anslam and Yoamy are training. For some reason King Anslam says "I've been having recurring nightmares of our future again."
Yoamy says "Why should I be worried about that? I’m not meaning to be rude but I'm just a kid your majesty. I can't do anything about it." Yoamy was not in the room when his future self showed up.
King Anslam thinks to himself okay, so Yoamy can't be the one in the silvery white suit but then who could be? This is frustrating me more and more every day, but then why did the man in the silvery white suit look like him and say he was Yoamy?
Yoamy looks at King Anslam and asks, for reasons he only knew, "What are your dreams about?"King Anslam thinks to himself I told you this before but anyways he looks at Yoamy with a grim face. then he answers "well, now they've changed somewhat. There used to be my brother, a man in a silvery white suit and two shadows that looked somewhat like people but I couldn't see their faces. The way they've changed though is that now there are six shadows: two adult sized, two children sized and two baby sized. Also my brother is there twice. I know it's not me because I'm dreaming it."
Yoamy thinks to himself should I show him that I am the person who he is talking about in the silvery white suit or not? I don't know what to do. Is it the right time show him?" Then he hears his older self say no, do not show him yet. Now is not the time.
King Anslam asks Yoamy "So, what do you think it means Yoamy?
Yoamy says "To be honest with you..." then he says under his breath "Kind of..." then he continues aloud "I don't know what it means my King."
King Anslam says “Oh, I see, well neither do I Yoamy.”
Princess Serenity Asherrainium and Pearl walk past the training center where Asherrainium‘s father and Yoamy are training. They stop and watch for a while. Asherrainium thinks to herself well watching them Yoamy is so hot.  Her thoughts are interrupted by her father turning for a second.
She runs with Pearl in her arms to her room and shuts her door. When they get there Asherrainium thinks to herself that was close. It's bad enough having Yoamy around but having my parents know how I feel about him is a different situation. I mean I know mother knows but father knowing as well would be too much. He would probably get overprotective or something.
Pearl thinks to herself how... am... I going to tell mom and dad about Midnight and I? I’m not going to do it yet. I just can't. Dad will freak out and mom...I'm not so sure how she would react.
Princess Serenity Asherrainium looks at Pearl and asks "What are you thinking so hard about?”
Pearl jumps and sighs. Pearl says "Well Midnight came by and well....we did more than playing..."
Princess Serenity Asherrainium asks “When did he come over Pearl?"
Pearl says "I think it was about four weeks ago.”
Asherrainium says "We have to tell your parents Pearl."
Pearl says "But I don't want to tell my parents yet Princess Serenity."
Princess Serenity Asherrainium thinks back to the talk her parents had with her and Yoamy then says "We are going right now Pearl." She picks up Pearl off the bed and goes to find her mother and Pearl's parents.
Pearl says "No, I don't want to Princess Serenity." She tries to struggle free from Asherrainium's arms.
Princess Serenity Asherrainium says well Pearl is struggling "You know you don't have to call me Princess Serenity when it's just you and me Pearl. You can call me Asherrainium. Oh but call me Sailor Silver Moon around enemies please Pearl.”
Pearl says “Okay Asherrainium.”
Asherrainium says "Oh and one more thing Pearl. Call me Princess Serenity around anyone that would find it rude to call me Asherrainium."
Pearl says “Okay Asherrainium.”
Asherrainium and Pearl find her mother and Pearl's parents talking in the garden together about what they don’t know.
Pearl gets nervous now and whispers “I really don't want to do this Asherrainium."
Princess Serenity Asherrainium whispers "We are doing it anyway Pearl.”
Princess Serenity Asherrainium walks out to the garden with Pearl in her arms. Immediately Asherrainium’s mother Queen Serenity knows something is going on. She asks "What is it?” Pearl's parents look at them now and Pearl gets more nervous.
Princess Serenity Asherrainium says "Pearl has something that she wants to tell you.” Pearl shakes her head.
Asherrainium whispers to Pearl "If you don't them what I think happened Pearl, I will.” Pearl whispers “fine I’ll tell them.”
Princess Serenity Asherrainium says “Pearl said she would like to tell you now.”
Pearl jumps out of Asherrainium’s arms and on to the garden pathways. Pearl says “Midnight and I...we well...he is back now. That's all I had to say.” Pearl runs off before anybody can say anything to her.
Princess Serenity Asherrainium says what she was thinking now about what Pearl said earlier to her. "I think Pearl might be pregnant."
Aimanuem and Satin “You think what? Princess Serenity, did we hear you right? Did you say that you think Pearl is pregnant?”
Princess Serenity Asherrainium says "Yes I did say that Aimanuem and Satin.”
Aimanuem asks "Pregnant by whom Princess Serenity?”
Asherrainium says “By Midnight I am pretty sure Aimanuem.”
Queen Serenity asks now “When did he come over Asherrainium? Did she tell you?"
Asherrainium says "Yes she did. She said he came over about 4 weeks ago, why mother?”
Queen Serenity "When I was your age I did a project on cat’s pregnancies.”
Asherrainium asks “Why mother?”
Queen Serenity says “I thought it would be interesting..." Under her breath she says "And I had nothing else to do at the all girls’ school until Anslam came along."
Asherrainium asks “What are you thinking about? Your face is all red.”
Queen Serenity says “Oh is it? Anyways, a cat can be pregnant for 9 weeks but it can last up to 71 days. The signs to look for are an expanded tummy. It grows to a sideways bulge. Pearl's pregnancy won’t show for another week. You did say Midnight came about four weeks ago didn't you Asherrainium?"
Asherrainium says "Yes I did mother." Then she asks "Why won't Pearl's pregnancy show for another week mother?"
Queen Serenity says "It is because the kittens’ skeletal structures haven’t developed until then to be visible. If Pearl is showing, then we know she is 5 weeks or making her more than halfway through her pregnancy. If this is the case she will be due in 4 weeks or a little over Asherrainium.”
Princess Serenity  Asherrainium asks excitedly “Oh. So how many kittens can be in a litter mother?”
Queen Serenity says “The amount in a litter can vary, Asherrainium. The average number of kittens is 3 to 5 in a litter but since this is Pearl's first pregnancy she will probably only have, 1 or 3. So we should set up a nesting area for Pearl because she needs to get used to it. We have to make sure it is in a nice private spot because cats are very fussy mothers." Queen Serenity adds "No offence Satin.”
Satin says “None taken Queen Serenity.”
Elsewhere in the Moon Kingdom Coyanno I found her she's in a bit of a predicament right now she's in the mountains Yuki training I'm guessing.
Yuki smiles and says “I don't want to walk. I'm tired of walking. Fade us out there right now and we'll kill her.” Yuki turns into Sailor Sun and gives Coyanno a stern look, “Now.”
Coyanno smiles and says “Yes Yuki my Love he takes her into his arms and fades them out to the mountains where Coacanno Sailor Flaze is training.
When they get there Yuki hides behind a tree and talks in Coyanno’s head you need to take her communicator so she's not contacting them again. Then she says out loud in a sweet innocent voice to Coacanno “Did you miss me? I missed you.”
Coyanno calls Coacanno's communicator to him and he vaporizes it and Coacanno turns to face Yuki who is in her Sailor Suit.
Coacanno face goes white as she says “I have had a vision of this she transforms into Sailor Flaze, then she starts the mountain on fire. Coyanno stops the fire instantly nice try. Sailor Flaze Coacanno thinks to herself I didn't see that in my vision. She looks horrified now at both of them.
Yuki says “Then your visions aren't very helpful. I may have been stopped once but I'm not going to be stopped this time! You're going to die Solar Magnet!” Coacanno can't move because of Sailor Sun's attack. Yuki grins evilly at Coyanno. “I just want to torture her for a little while. Then you can kill her okay?”
Coyanno gets a twisted evil grin “Okay Yuki you have fun I’ll sit right here.”
Yuki looks back over to Coacanno and pulls out her knives- I'm going to have so much fun...-Yuki quickly runs over to Coacanno and runs her new knife down Coacanno's left side.
Coacanno tries to block the attack but fails. She screams when the knife runs down her left side. “What did I do this time?!”
Tears form in Yuki's eyes thinking back to Coyanno being deathly ill. “I don't have to explain myself to you!! Yuki takes the knife and stabs it in Coacanno's spine. “You're lucky I can't use my powers on you!!”
 Coacanno “No stop please she screams in severe pain. Yuki smiles as Coacanno screams. She pulls out her knife. “First let me cut your throat.” Yuki takes her butterfly knife and slices Coacanno's throat trying to be careful not to cut too deep so she's still alive.
 Coyanno looks at Yuki with a playful look he talks in her head can I kill her now Yuki please?  Coacanno falls to the ground she sees the look Coyanno gives Yuki and shakes her head hoping that Yuki will say no to him.
Yuki smiles at Coyanno and stands up stabbing Coacanno once more. “Have fun.”
Coacanno has a look of terror through the pain it Coyanno sends images to Coacanno's mind. Coacanno tries to escape but Coyanno freezes her and sends water to drench her and kill her. Then he sends electricity coursing through the water when he is finished her body is lifeless.
Yuki laughs and starts writing down a letter well writing she says to Coyanno “We are bringing her to the palace gates right?”
Coyanno smiles “Yes Yuki we are my Love.”
Yuki tears out the letter and folds it up and she says “Good. Then my stupid mother will get this.” She waves the letter, “I wonder what she'll say.”
Coyanno “I don't know Yuki we will have to wait and see come on let's go.” They take Coacanno's body with them.
When they arrive at the Palace gats there are guards waiting for them. Yuki whispers and pouts, “Why do there have to be so many guards...it just makes things difficult.” Coyanno puts them all to sleep then Yuki runs up ahead smiling saying “This is the best feeling in the world! I just know she'll be really happy about her gift.” Yuki opens the gates and points to the ground just past the gates and says “Let's put her there. Then we can close the gates and watch from outside.
Coyanno walks over to where Yuki is pointing and sets Coacanno body down. Yuki places the letter in Coacanno's left hand and then runs away from Coacanno closing the gates and she says “Come on. We need to find a good viewing place.”
Coyanno follows Yuki as Princess Serenity Asherrainium comes walking out of the palace with Pearl. Pearl is the one that notices Coacanno's body.
Pearl says “Princess look is that Coacanno?” Asherrainium walks over to where Pearl is now standing her face goes white she walks slowly over to Coacanno's body and she notices the note in Coacanno's hand as well she notices the past out guards. She contacts the others reads the note to them all over the communicator.
The note reads: "Stupid Princess to be Queen; I killed her! Hahahaha…and you thought you could tell me what to do. Well I always get what I want! And I’ll eventually get what I came here for too. Let your little boyfriend know that. Enjoy the gift. –signed, your worst nightmare for right now but not in the future if everything works out for me which it will." Yuki is trying not to laugh at Asherannium's reaction.
The others are at stunned as Asherrainium and Pearl are when she finished reading. Asherrainium is crying now “I would tell him but I don't know where he is right now.”
Yuki looks sad for a quick second then slaps her face and smiles at Coyanno. She talks in his head let’s go back home. I want to tell Summer what we did for her.
Coyanno fades them out and they go home.
Back in the secret cave the younger Mibslam and the older Mibslam from the future came up with a brilliant plan. They decided to put it into action right away so they left the secret cave and headed for the Palace. When they got there they released Sleeping Gas mixed with Forget Me Gas and searched for their target. They found him after a couple hours of looking. They walk into the training center and closed the door.
Yoamy says calmly "I know why both you are here and I won't go with you two willingly.”
Both Mibslams say "We anticipated that our young friend.”
Yoamy says furiously “I am not your friend.”

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#4022 My favorite sailor Moon character

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#179 Caption Game

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Egil: What rhymes with orange?
Door Chick: What about door hinge?
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